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Muv-Luv Alternative Reveals New Trailer, Visual and Release Date

Muv-Luv Alternative anime has revealed a new trailer and key visual, along with October 6 release date.

Muv-Luv Alternative 3rd key visual

The new PV features the OP song by Rinna “V.W.P -Virtual Witch Phenomenon-“.STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION, which is actually a solo project of R・O・N, a songwriter/composer who previously worked on projects such as (K)NoW_NAME, is performing the ED “TRISTAR”.

The first Muv-Luv Alternative trailer was revealed in October 2020, more than 10 months ago. You can watch the full new PV below:

Koichi Kamiki is playing the main character, Takeru Shirogane, while Tomori Kusunoki is voicing Sumika Kagami, with Karin Nanami as Meiya Mitsurugi.

Takeru, Sumika and Meiya

The official website also revealed the additional cast. Miku Ito is voicing Chizuru Sakaki, Takako Tanaka is Miki Tamase, Iori Saeki is Kei Ayamine, while Lynn is starring as Mikoto Yoroi.

Chizuru, Miki, Key, and Mikoto (left to right)

Muv-Luv Alternative is based on a visual novel developed by âge and Anchor Inc. Studios Flagship Line, Graphinica, and Yumeta Company are animating the series. Yukio Nishimoto is directing the anime, while Takuya Tani does character designs. Kazuya Ooya is listed as CG director, with Tatsuhiko Urahata on series composition. In addition, Evan Call is composing the music.

The Muv-Luv franchise also has manga and light novel adaptations, as well as Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse anime from 2012.

Source: Official Website
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