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The Duke of Death and His Maid Episode 8: The Darkness and His Light

Episode 8 of the rom-com series The Duke of Death and His Maid finally premiered and we will be focusing on how Bocchan and Alice met! Also, please be aware of spoiler-filled content.

For this week’s episode, we only have one main story: how Bocchan and Alice met. It was seriously one heck of a dramatic ride, wherein some people, if not all, might’ve ended up in tears. The way the story progressed was so elegant and organized that the series perfectly delivered such a wonderful story.

The Darkness and His Light

Bocchan was a very gloomy, suicidal young man before Alice worked as a maid at the mansion. It was at that specific moment when he’s sitting right in the middle of a dark, filthy room when Rob introduced Alice to him. Unfortunately, Bocchan can’t even distinguish Alice, let alone remember their childhood past.

Bocchan kept his distance from the people around him, so he didn’t grant Alice permission to work, but Rob secretly insisted and guided Alice to her room. The next day was no different after Bocchan saw Alice wearing her black, mournful dress. In fact, he even criticized it for being too revealing, yet Alice started teasing him instead.

Afterward, Bocchan suddenly summoned Alice and ordered her to clean his dark, filthy room within three days. If she fails, he will never grant Alice permission to stay in the villa. With her dream of being with Bocchan at risk, she dutifully finished her chore within one night, which left Bocchan shocked!

Until Your Tears Subside

Seeing how Alice efficiently finished her work within one night, Bocchan felt completely amazed and frustrated at the same time. He thought that by giving Alice such heavy work, she would be forced to leave the mansion. He never wanted to look evil, but he just wanted Alice to do something much more meaningful than taking care of a cursed duke.

But what Alice said next definitely moved our hearts:

I have nowhere else to go, my Duke, and I’d like to be by your side. I’ll stay by your side, until your tears subside, Your Grace.


Since Bocchan failed in giving Alice a hard time at the mansion, he decided that he’ll be the one to leave instead. He accepted that he would end his tragic fate buried under the thick, white snow, frozen to death. That’s where he remembered Alice and their childhood past.

Until Alice came running to him, worried sick as he was lying on the snow. Alice can never let her Duke end his life because he gratefully saved Alice with his kindness. The whole scene was so heartfelt that I ended up in tears as I watch these two.

Let’s head on back. And let’s keep on living. Together. Forever


Hands down to the very best episode of the series, as the production team could deliver it with ease! Every episode was a total blast but episode 8, to be specific, is on another level.

You can watch episode 8 of The Duke of Death and His Maid here on Funimation. Once you’re done watching, you could read more features on Anime Corner as well.

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