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My Deer Friend Nokotan Previews Episode 2

We’re two weeks into the deergeddon, and just when things couldn’t get more intense, My Deer Friend Nokotan previews episode 2 of the anime. The promotion for episode 2 includes preview images and a teaser video, while the episode is set to premiere this Sunday on July 14.

My Deer Friend Nokotan – Episode 2 Preview Video

The show’s second episode follows Koshitan as she transforms the Deer Club’s clubhouse into a deer’s paradise. However, not everyone is a fan of deer, as the clubhouse is vandalized shortly after and Koshitan finds herself in life-threatening danger. Who’s to blame? None other than Koshitan’s own siscon imouto.

The WIT-animated show has caused deermonium over the past few weeks, and its theme song has song has decreased global productivity by 200%. Produced by the Hinominami High School Deer Club, the show is directed by Ohta Masahiko and has character designs by Ayumi Tsujimura. The show’s series composition and script are handled by Takashi Aoshima.

What’s My Deer Friend Nokotan about? That’s a question we’re currently trying to solve! But, for now, here’s a synopsis for your travels;

As a current honor roll student and past delinquent, Torako Koshi walks to class she worries about her less-than-savory past being revealed. But she pushes those worries aside, confident that her facade will never crack. Unfortunately for her, judgment comes from above. Though, not through religious divine intervention but rather a deer/human hybrid hanging by her horns from telephone wires.

As she’s coerced into helping this odd entity, to her dismay the deer sees right through her and calls her a delinquent. Even though she tried to run from those accusations, the deer shows up to her class and joins as a transfer student, threatening Torako’s peaceful lie-filled life and filling it with deer-filled misery.

Source: My Deer Friend Nokotan Offical WebsiteTwin Engine Official YouTube
© Oshioshio, Kodansha / Hino Minami High School Deer Club

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