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My Hero Academia Introduces New Villain for the 2nd OVA of the Summer

My Hero Academia previewed designs for 2 characters that will be appearing in the upcoming two-episode OVA, which is set to air premiere this summer. The first episode is “HLB – Hero League Baseball,” while the second is titled “Laugh! Like Hell!” Both episodes will have an early screening in Japan starting on June 16 and ending on June 19.

The characters that were introduced and that will appear in the My Hero Academia OVAs are Shishido (Lion Hero), who already appeared in the original series, and Mr. Smiley, a new character who is a villain. Nobuyuki Hiyama is voicing Shishido, while Hironori Kondo is joining the cast as Mr. Smiley. Character designs were revealed:

In addition to character designs, the synopsis for the 2nd My Hero Academia OVA of the summer is now available:
Winter break. A series of graffiti incidents throughout the city occur, and the Endeavor Office, where Deku, Bakugou, and Todoroki are interns, receives a call for assistance. The culprit is a self-proclaimed artist named Mr. Smiley, whose quirk has made it difficult for the police to arrest him. Endeavor’s attitude changes when he sees graffiti on the wall of his house, and he sets out to arrest him, but Mr. Smiley is a much tougher opponent than he imagined…!

Along with the synopsis, My Hero Academia revealed some preview images for the episode. A key visual for it was revealed only a few days ago.

The first OVA will focus on a hero baseball league that allows participants to use their quirks while playing.

Source: Official Twitter
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