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My Hero Academia Season 5: Everything You Need To Know

My Hero Academia Season 5 is ready to say I am here in true All Might fashion. Debuting in 2016, this show has garnered a ton of attention, and rightfully so. This popularity has seen the manga sell over 30 million copies, and the fans dominate online and in person. Here is everything we feel you need to know about My Hero Academia Season 5.

This article is for those that have never seen an episode yet or need a quick refresher. Season 5 looks to premiere with an original “episode 0” on the 27th which will not be canon. I am going to break down everything the best I can so that you can walk into episode 1 on April 3rd ready for action.

What is My Hero about?

Set in a modern timed fictional world, the planet is host to a new age of people. Now about 80% of human possess “quirks” or Superhero abilities, and an infinite amount of possibilities in their range of powers. While a large portion of humans with quirks still live normally and only use their powers for household functions, others with more powerful abilities can become Pro Heroes. The heroes are tasked with defending the country. However, their priority lies in stopping Villains, people who have come to use their quirks for criminal activities.

In an effort to properly raise young people with powerful quirks into top heroes, Japan created the U.A High school. Through this, some legendary heroes have come into the world, including the previous #1 hero, All Might. Idolized by everyone, especially our protagonist Izuku Midoriya or “Deku”, he achieved wonders as the world’s top hero. Though nothing lasts forever as All Might is left crippled after a battle and can no longer continue his duties. He desperately seeks a successor, and decides on Deku after seeing a heroic display to save his friend despite being quirkless. Passing his quirk “One for All” on to Deku, All Might sets to raise him as his apprentice at U.A, aiming to turn him into the new Symbol for Peace.

Where did we leave off?

After the fight with Overhaul and the loss of the major pro hero, season 4 ended with the crowning of a new era. Endeavor officially received the new title of the #1 hero, and a few new faces were introduced as well. However perhaps the most concerning thing was the emergence of a new threat. A new kind of Nomu appeared, but what shocked viewers was this one showed intelligence. Many wonder where this new one came from and just how far they have advanced.

You should know about My Hero Academia Season 5 that it might be a more light hearted, at least early on. Episode 1 looks to key off a battle between Class 1- A and Class 1-B, where we will see some more training and development. A training exercise where “villains” have entered U.A once again, and class 1-A must defend the campus. Nejire and Tamaki from the Big Three play the villains as a series of joint training exercises between the two classes begins.

Who should I know?

Obviously we covered the 2 main protagonists with All Might and Deku, however, My Hero Academia differs from a lot of anime. The supporting cast is featured almost as often as the main heroes, and are almost as popular too (or even more). The students of UA, Pro Heroes and even Villains, the world of My Hero is massive, and it would take ages to cover them all. So we’ll focus on some key students and the new top heroes to know in My Hero Academia Season 5.

Class 1-A

Izuku Midoriya – Better known by his nickname/hero name “Deku” The main protagonist of My Hero has possibly the strongest quirk of all. Gifted “One for all” by the former #1 hero All Might, Deku is by all intents a walking nuclear powerplant. The feedback breaks his bones so he can only summon small percentage for extended times. But it also grants him unimaginable strength, speed and power. Trusted as All Might’s protégé, his morals, intelligence, and positive attitude put him on the fast track to the future #1 hero spot.

Katsuki Bakugo – So he doesn’t go by his hero name “Great Explosion Murder God Dynamite” very often. However, don’t think that this young hero isn’t making a name for himself. With a quirk allowing him to turn his sweat into fuel for explosions, Bakugo packs quite an explosive punch. Deku’s biggest rival, he initially hated him for being quirkless. However, Deku’s growth as hero, as well some lessons in humilit,y have simmered this hot head down quite a bit from the beginning. While he’s still pretty short tempered, as well as arrogant, he can still grow in the attitude department of being a hero. Bakugo has the skills and determination to contend for the #1 hero spot .

Ochaco Uraraka – This hero in the making is greedy in the best way possible. After watching her family struggle financially for years, “Uravity’s” goal is to become a pro hero, and get a contract that will set her family for life. Her quirk allows her change the gravity of any object she touches making them weightless at will. Normally bubbly and cheerful, her smile can put any scared civilian at ease. However, villains should think twice if they plan on taking her lightly as she shows excellent wits and strategic prowess as well.

Shoto Todaroki – Son of the new #1 hero, and a young hero prodigy himself. Shoto Todoroki can hang with the best in terms of power as he techincally has 2 quirks. Blessed with the flame powers of his father Endeavor, and the ice powers of his mother. Shoto can unleash both a firestorm and a blizzard within seconds. Unfortunately, despite his great power, he struggled mentally due to an abusive upbringing. Though over his time at U.A, he has begun to overcome his mental barriers. Deku especially has played a huge part in getting this young man to get on path towards his full potential. While ever present, he his definitely someone you need to know in my hero season 5.

The NEW Top 5 Pro Heroes to know in My Hero Season 5
Top Heroes
  1. Endeavor – The New #1 hero taking the place of all might following his retirement, Endeavor is no longer second fiddle. Possessing amazing strength and a quirk specializing in flame use, he is certainly worthy of the new spot. However, his promotion came at a cost as he was previously an awful husband and father to Deku’s friend and classmate Shoto Todoroki due to prioritizing gettign stronger. There has been great growth from both as they head into season 5 positively.
  2. Hawks – The definition of chaotic good, our new #2 hero gets the job down just on his terms. Smart as can be and extremely efficient, he has the strength to take on just about anyone making him super laid back. However, he can use his wing quirk and fly into action in a pinch, making him a great pro hero. With the battle against the intelligent Nomu ending season 4. Hawks is new face to know in My Hero season 5 as well.
  3. Best Jeanist – An extravagant personality, Best Jeanist believes heroes must appear strong both physically and socially. Using his quirk that allows unravels the fiber from his clothes he can restrain someone as strong as all for one. He takes the role of being a hero very seriously. Brave, and charismatic, he doesn’t take excuses from anyone that wants to be a hero.
  4. Edgeshot – A master ninja, Edgeshot is super unique. Stoic and calm, he only acts when necessary. The Ninja Hero also possesses abilities like no other. His quirk lets him fold his body at will, letting him use his ninja training to the max capacity. It ranges from folding his hand into a thin blade to folding his body to fit under a door. Edge shot has both the training and power to hold a top 5 hero spot with ease.
  5. Mirko – The overwhelmingly beautiful and terrifyingly strong Rabbit Hero completes our list as the new #5 hero. Mirko’s quirk isn’t an ability, but more like increased power. Possessing increased strength, speed. and reflexes. as well as tremendous hearing, she shows no fear to anyone. Mirko is headstrong and bold, leaping into conflict without a thought. She loves the thrill of action. Joining Hawks as a new face, Mirko makes a key appearance and looks to stand out maybe the most as one to know in My Hero season 5.

What Makes it So Popular

Well this is one of the best manga to anime adaptations in the business according to fans and critics. The art style has been regarded for it’s detail and sharpness, with fans praising the author for the excellent work in his craft. Volume 1 of the Manga reached the 7th place on the weekly Oricon manga chart with 71,575 copies sold. Volume 2 improved upon that 167,531 copies and it only kept increasing. By March 2017, there were over 10 million copies of My Hero Academia in circulation.

As for the Anime specifically, the accolades didn’t just stop at the Manga. something to know before Season 5 is that My Hero Academia has been nominated, and won multiple awards for various categories throughout the previous seasons. Praised for some amazing fight scenes, great voice acting and and some amazing OST and Openings. My Hero Academia has earned its right as one of the top shows in anime, and was allotted by Crunchyroll as one of the top anime of the 2010’s.

Where can I watch the previous seasons or read the manga?

If you haven’t seen My Hero Academia before, then you would obviously be missing key information coming into season 5. Each of the previous four seasons have included major events, and a lot of references are sure to be made. However it should be easy to get access to as it is licensed by all the major anime streaming sites. Available on Crunchyroll, Funimation, Hulu, VRV you’ll have access to all the previous 4 seasons in the original Japanese. For the people who prefer dubbed versions of anime, then your best options would be Hulu and Funimation, with the latter also having Spanish and Portuguese options.

For the people who love to read manga and might want to look ahead to future arcs, you also won’t struggle to find access to the My Hero Academia manga. Published in Weekly Shonen Jump owned by Shueisha, you can find online access on Viz Media for English translated versions of the manga. If you prefer to read on your phone, then access can be found on the Shonen Jump+ or Manga Plus apps released by Shueisha. Finally, printed paperback issues are available through Viz or can be purchased through Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

Simply put this show possess some amazing characters and a great studio bringing them to life. All characters are easy to love/hate and have shown great character development over the years. Full credit to Studio Bones and their amazing teams for putting on consistent quality animation. Anyone new to this series will be in for some of the best story telling, and visuals of their lives. My Hero Academia Season 5 may just take the top crown as king of the Spring 2021 lineup.

Now with the Winter 2021 series coming to a close, please go vote for your favorites in our weekly polls! Also be sure to check out more news on My Hero Academia here.

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