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My Hero Academia Season 6: The Paranormal Liberation War Arc Comes Next

My Hero Academia Season 5 will air its final episode this Saturday, September 25. My Villain Academia is over, and the last episode will show the heroes after they learn what happened with Shigaraki and Re-Destro. After the episode, My Hero Academia Season 6 got an officially announcement. Previously, 6 shows of Summer announced sequels after the final episodes.

The story takes place in Volume 27 of the manga. Part of it was already shown in the anime before My Villain Academia arc began. The cover of the volume is below.

Where to continue manga after My Hero Academia Season 5?

The final episode of this season for My Hero Academia title was “The High, Deep Blue Sky”. This is the same as chapter 256 of the manga. That is the 4th chapter of the Paranormal Liberation War Arc. The first 3 chapters showed Aizawa and Hizashi facing Shirakumo again, and their past together as students. We already remember that we saw this in the anime before the My Villain Academia part began. If you want to continue the manga after season 5, you need to start at chapter 257.

When My Hero Academia Season 6 Might Release

Although it was officially announced, there is no release date yet for My Hero Academia Season 6. They will release more info at a later date. As for now, we can only know that a sequel won’t come before 2022.

Where to catch up to the manga

You can legally read the manga for free on MANGA Plus or VIZ. However, the number of free chapters is limited. There is also the Shonen Jump mobile app, which costs $2 per month and allows 100 chapters per day.

The 6 Summer 2021 shows that announced sequels after final episodes are:

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