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My Stepmom's Daughter Is My Ex Episode 2 -Stepsister Obviously Still Loves Her Ex

We got to see some wholesome moments between Mizuto and Yume once again in episode 2 of My Stepmom’s Daughter Is My Ex. The first episode already gave us a hint that the two obviously still love each other, while also highlighting that it would be hard to deal with their feelings given their unique situation. That said, Yume is more daring than we thought because she took the initiative to make a move toward Mizuto. The first part of the episode is all about the students having a physical fitness test, and it is funny how that particular thing became the root of all kinds of situations that happened between Yume and Mizuto.

When the PE class was about to start, it was stated in Yume’s monologue that she tried her best to look pretty and proved herself to be intelligent before going to high school. However, it does not change the fact that her motor skills are weak, so she is not good in sports or anything related to PE class. With this, we can assume that she might get a poor result in the physical fitness test. After Yume’s monologue, she looks at how Mizuto is doing. With this, we can take it that the reason why Yume tried so hard to change herself both physically and mentally was because of Mizuto. Although, she was disappointed since Mizuto didn’t exert effort at all in their test, and she still looks up to him while being conscious of the grades she is getting on different tests.

Worried Yume

At the end of the physical fitness test, Yume almost collapsed, and luckily, Mizuto was there to catch her before falling to the ground, which shocked all of the girls because the boys weren’t supposed to be in their space. Of course, because of their past, he is aware that Yume is not good at any physical activities so he leaves her in the care of Akatsuki Minami, which resulted in the two of them becoming friends. As far as the record goes, Akatsuki is Yume’s first friend, considering that she also told her about Mizuto’s good qualities. This fact proves that Yume is not still over Mizuto, considering that she couldn’t hide her blushing face when Mizuto saved her from falling off the ground after the exam, as well as when Mizuto told his boy classmate that he won’t let him get close to Yume.

Irido catching Yume

Important Things to Note in Yume’s Advances to Mizuto in Episode 2 of My Stepmom’s Daughter Is My Ex

The next day, Yume got a cold, and it looks like it is because of the physical fitness day, so she was sleeping in their house the whole day. Mizuto went straight to her when he got home along with Akatsuki, and when Yume woke up, she only paid attention to Mizuto, calling him “Irido” and telling him that she was so scared because she thought that he left “again”. When she said “again”, maybe a similar situation happened in the past when they were still dating. Though Mizuto tried to be indifferent to her actions and told her that she brought Akatsuki, which made Yume a bit unhappy. When Akatsuki left, Yume told Mizuto “Aren’t the two of you getting along pretty nicely?“. We can already imply here that Yume is jealous of Akatsuki.

Before Yume went back to sleep, she asked Mizuto again if he was going to leave her again, saying that he is a liar since he left her “last time”. What happened in “that “last time” is still unknown. After hearing Mizuto’s answer, she grabbed his hand and put it on her chest and went back to sleep. While Yume is asleep, Mizuto remembers how the breakup with Yume happened after their graduation but just before high school started, when their parents remarried. After seeing what happened, it becomes clear that both are struggling to move on.

Yume after grabbing Irido’s hands

When Yume woke up, she pretended that she was still sick and didn’t let Mizuto leave her side, and was still asking to hold his hand. Eventually, Mizuto found out that Yume is just faking her cold, but he still didn’t get angry. By the looks of it, it seems that Yume doesn’t want Mizuto to leave by her side, which already gives us a clear conclusion that she still loves her ex-boyfriend. In the end, Yume told him not to go somewhere and leave her behind.

Overall, the episode is all about Yume showing her affection to Mizuto, but we don’t know if those deeds got through to him. Maybe we find the answer in episode 3 on July 20, 2022, which will be available on Crunchyroll. Lastly, if you enjoyed watching Yume’s advances in episode 2 of My Stepmom’s Daughter Is My Ex, you can vote for the anime on our weekly poll.

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