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Nagatoro-san Creator was also a Doujinshi Artist

Even though the fact that the Nagatoro-san creator, Nanashi (774), is a doujinshi artist is well known there are still some people who are unaware of that.

Don’t Bully Me, Miss Nagatoro

The manga that was adapted into an anime in the Spring 2021 season is Nanashi’s only SFW (Safe for work) manga. It tells the story of two high school students, Hayase Nagatoro and Naoto Hachiouji.

Both the anime and manga depict the protagonists’ daily lives, in which Nagatoro constantly teases and mocks her senpai, Naoto. The anime is produced by studio Telecom Animation Film.

Cover of the “Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro” Volume 3

In November 2017, the manga began its serialization in Magazine Pocket, an online and app-based web manga magazine published by Kodansha. The manga currently has 10 volumes (Volume 9 released in Japan on March 9, 2021).

What’s more, you can see the key visual for the anime adaptation of “Don’t Bully Me, Miss Nagatoro” below:

Nanashi’s Other Works

Nagatoro-san creator, Nanashi, is mostly known for their doujinshis with one of the most popular ones being a Naruto doujinshi. They also created doujinshis for popular franchises like Fate.

If you’re unfamiliar with the term “doujinshi”, it can, but doesn’t have to, be an adult manga that features original characters or characters from specific shows. Its job is to tell a new story in an already existing universe or just pair characters in a certain way.

They began their career back in 2010 when their first doujins were published. Their first notable work was “Lady Yupiel’s Servant”, a one-shot manga that launched in 2012 at the Comiket. The sequel, “Everyday Life with Lady Yupiel” was released in 2013.

Most of their works included pretty extreme content but after they posted a doujinshi “Warm Uzumaki” (it had 2 parts), featuring Naruto Uzumaki and Hinata Hyuga, their style started to shift towards a more romantic-oriented one. Those doujins were posted in 2016, a year prior to the debut of “Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro”.

One of the last doujins they drew were based around Illya and Kuro from “Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya”. The first one titled “C91 venue limited book” and the series ended with a sequel published in 2019.


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