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Naked Peak - Climb the Mountains of Madness Anime Film Gets February 28 Release

The Naked Peak – Climb the Mountains of Madness anime film will be released on February 28 on YouTube. The anime film is based on the murder mystery tabletop RPG Mountain of Madness series, inspired by a novella series by H. P. Lovecraft. The anime film was made through crowdfunding efforts, which raised more than US$1 million dollars by 12,000 backers. 

Naked Peak Climb the Mountains of Madness anime film – Key Visual

Studios G-Angle and STEREOTYPE worked on the anime film’s animation, while creative company THINKR is responsible for the production of the film. The main staff includes:

  • Kumagai Yusaku – Director
  • Umishima Senbon – Character Design
  • Oyama Ryu – Creature Design
  • Kurosaki Chiemi – Painting Supervision
  • Kato Yasutada – Art Supervisor
  • Iwami Yusaku – Cinematographer
  • Nobori Haruko – Color Design
  • Takada Ryuichi – Music

The official site describes the anime film as:
A flight to Antarctica turns into a frantic rescue mission after the plane mysteriously vanishes. Efforts to locate the missing passengers lead rescuers to discover the plane’s course set for a never-before-seen mountain range – the largest on Earth.

Towering over 10,000 feet above sea level, the Everest-eclipsing eighth wonder of the world (officially nicknamed the “Mountains of Madness”) draws attention from the world’s best climbers and thrill-seekers. Although they have conquered the tallest peaks in the past, Earth’s new vertigo-inducing heights are surpassed only by the dreadful horrors awaiting at the top.

Naked Peak – Climb the Mountains of Madness is based on the game created by game studio Forest Limit. It is based on the popular sci-fi novella At the Mountains of Madness, released from February to April 1936. The novella has been widely known in the American sci-fi genre, springing up multiple official and unofficial adaptations, including feature films, video games, graphic novels, among others.

It also inspired a manga adaptation written and illustrated by Gou Tanabe, who has been known to adapt multiple works of Lovecraft, including The Shadow Over Innsmouth and The Observer. Dark Horse has licensed the manga in English, with two volumes currently out.

Source: Press Release, Official Website

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