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Naoko Yamada's Kimi no Iro Movie Rescheduled to 2024

The previously announced Kimi no Iro movie has been delayed to 2024. The movie, directed by Naoko Yamada and animated by Science SARU, was scheduled to be finished by this fall and set to premiere later this year. A teaser trailer was published but has since been taken down – probably due to changes to the premiere date.

In addition to director Yamada, staff for Kimi no Iro includes Reiko Yoshida, who is writing the script, and Kensuke Ushio, who is composing the music. Yamada and Yoshida worked on multiple titles together, including Kyoto Animation’s A Silent Voice and Liz and the Blue Bird.

Yamada was one of the youngest animators who got a chance to direct an anime at the Kyoto Animation studio. K-On was her directorial debut and she went on to work on Tamako MarketLiz and the Blue BirdA Silent Voice, and more. She left KyoAni in 2020. Her first work with Science SARU was The Heike Story (2021) and she recently promoted her short movie Garden of Remembrance (also with Science SARU).

Reiko Yoshida is known as the author of the iconic Tokyo Mew Mew manga. She wrote the scripts for Non Non BiyoriViolet Evergarden movie, Blue Period, and more. Both she and Kensuke Ushio also worked on The Heike Story. Ushio most recently composed the music for Chainsaw Man anime.

The plot of the upcoming Kimi no Iro is described as:
“I can see people’s hearts in colors.”
Totsuko is a high school student at religious high chool in Nagasaki and she can see people’s emotions as colors.
Whether they’re happy colors, sad colors, peaceful colors, frightened colors… In order to not darken her loved ones’ colors, Totsuko is careful about keeping them all bright and happy.
One day, she mees a beautiful girl in a bookstore, who radiates all kinds of beautiful colors. Two of them end up forming a band with a boy who loves music.
These three sensitive people get together and begin to play the music of their youth.

Source: TOHO Animation
© Naoko Yamada

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