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Netflix Original Anime ‘Trese’ Gets Official Trailer

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The adventures of Alexandra Trese will premiere on Netflix soon! An official trailer for the Netflix original anime dropped on May 20, and can be viewed on the official Netflix Anime YouTube channel:

When crime takes a turn for the weird…

trese title card netflix original anime
Netflix original anime Trese is set to premiere on June 11!

“Trese” was created by Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo, and is an original Filipino comic. It tells the story of supernatural detective Alexandra Trese, who combats Manila’s dark criminal underworld. When criminal activity begins to take a horrifying turn, there is only one person the police can turn to. Armed with knowledge and skills that span generations, Alexandra is more than ready to take on what lurks in the shadows.

alexandra trese netflix official trailer original anime
Trese follows the story of Alexandra Trese, supernatural detective!

Trese’s adventures often take place in the capital region of the Philippines and are heavily inspired by Filipino mythology. Traditional Filipino myths often take on a modern spin in these stories. Creatures with ancient origins are fused with aspects of the modern-day Philippines. It allows tales of old to be more accessible to mainstream audiences. This results in the comic’s stories being rich in both lore and gripping storytelling.

alexandra trese netflix official trailer
Trese is a story heavily inspired by Filipino mythology.

The original Netflix show will have both an English and Filipino voice cast. The English voice cast boasts Shay Mitchell voicing Alexandra Trese and features the likes of Dante Basco, Nicole Scherzinger, and Manny Jacinto. On the other hand, Liza Soberano voices the show’s titular character in Filipino. The Filipino cast also includes Simon dela Cruz, Apollo Abraham, and Cheska Aguiluz.

…the police call Alexandra Trese

alexandra trese netflix original anime
Trese looks to be a dark and exciting adventure for all to enjoy!

Trese’s official trailer is an exciting glimpse into what is in store for the show. To see a show so rooted in Filipino culture on a platform as prominent as Netflix is no doubt exhilarating for Filipinos out there. It appears to uphold the comic’s dark themes, not shying away from gore and chilling imagery. The trailer also promises adventure and thrill, with multiple scenes of Alexandra in combat getting the blood pumping.

It is also truly admirable how well the art style and imagery is able to capture the feel of modern-day Manila. It will no doubt be thrilling what else the show has in store when it does officially drop.

Airing on June 11 on Netflix, Trese’s time is coming sooner rather than later. Will you be watching Trese?

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