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Netflix Partners With 4 Companies To Bring More Anime

Netflix strikes deals with 4 studios in order to bring more anime shows to the platform. Those studios are MAPPA, NAZ, Science SARU, and Studio Mir. Furthermore, Netflix says that they are aiming “to create the best content for the global anime community”.

Their ongoing partnerships gave birth to shows such as:

  • Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045 (Production I.G)
  • Dragon’s Dogma (Sublimation)
  • Altered Carbon: Resleeved (Anima)

    Moreover, thanks to those partnerships, we will see some new anime productions! Some of them are:
  • Spriggan (David Production)
  • Vampire In The Garden (WIT STUDIO – a group company under Production I.G)
  • Super Crooks (Bones).

In just four years, we’ve built a dedicated team based in Tokyo that serves to entertain the global anime community through new and aspirational storytelling. With these additional partnerships with industry trailblazers who do amazing work, often marrying the latest technologies and traditional hand-drawn animation, we’re excited to bring fans a greater variety of even more amazing stories

Taiki Sakurai, Anime Chief Producer, Netflix

Netflix seems to care a lot about anime fans lately! They’ve been adding more and more shows and we are extremely happy about that fact!

You can read more about Netflix here!

Source: NXOnNetflix Twitter, The Mainichi Shimbun’s Mantan Web

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