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Netflix's Spriggan Delayed To 2022, New Trailer Released

Netflix just released a new trailer for the upcoming Spriggan anime. Also, Netflix sadly revealed that the anime will not be premiering this year, but delayed to 2022. Additionally, they didn’t release a statement about the delay. As of now, they revealed that it will be premiering in 2022.

You can check out the new trailer here

In addition, the anime will be based on the manga by Takashige Hiroshi and Minagawa Ryouji. The manga had a total of 11 volumes and 59 chapters. Furthermore, this is not the first Spriggan anime – on September 5, 1998, an anime film for Spriggan was released. A new remake will be released by Netflix this 2022, and it will be animated by David Production.

What is Spriggan about?

A great civilization once existed on Earth. Possessing knowledge and scientific prowess far exceeding that of modern man, the relics of this ancient civilization remain hidden across this world even now. As high-speed communication networks cover the globe and the peering eyes of satellites are able to expose all secrets, the armies of great nations clash as they seek to uncover and research these artifacts, which possess an unfathomable “power.”

A member of this ancient civilization carved a message into a plate: “Protect our relics from evil-doers.” Taking this message to heart, one organization aims to seal away this ancient civilization for good. (Synopsis from Netflix Anime)

To know more about Spriggan you can check out its official website.
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Source: Netflix’s Spriggan Official Website
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