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New Cells at Work Spin-off Starts This Winter

Another spin-off work, Cells at Work Illegal, joins Shimizu Akane‘s Cells at Work! world this winter.. Hashimoto Kae will write the story and Tsugi Kouichi will draw the manga under the supervision of Shimizu Akane and medical supervision of Harada Tomoyuki. The series will be available on Kodansha‘s web manga service, Yanmaga Web.

Hashimoto Kae also posted an official teaser video narrated by Kanayama Kana on YouTube.

Hashimoto Kae is the writer of Interviews with Monster Girls spin-off manga Occult-chan wa Katarenai!. It will release its 7th volume on November 18, 2021. Tsugi Kouichi, the artist for the spin-off, was drawing baseball themed manga Yakyugami which ended with Volume 4 in 2017.

Shimizu Akane launched Cells at Work in Kodansha‘s monthly magazine Shonen Sirius in 2015. The manga ended in 2021 with a total of 6 volumes. It received two anime adaptations produced by David production in 2018 and 2021 respectively. In addition, the manga inspired some spin-off series such as Cells at Work! Code Black which also received a TV anime adaptation.

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Cells at Work Illegal

The official web manga website for Cells at Work Illegal introduces the new spin-off as:

With supervision of Shimizu Akane, the author of smash hit manga series Cells at Work! that depicts cells as people, Cells at Work Illegal will begin serialization!

This is the most cut-throat series ever that happens inside an outlaw’s body!! What do cells do at illegal events such as taking illicit drugs? What do they do when the person gets stabbed in a gang war?

This winter, the series will raid Yanmanga web, that is, it will start serialization!!

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Source: Yanmaga Web

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