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New Robot Vacuum Cleaner Features Levi Ackerman's Voice

Japanese entertainment news website Natalie announced on May 26, 2021, the impending release of a new robotic vacuum cleaner. What makes this vacuum cleaner newsworthy? Well, it features the voice of none other than clean freak Levi Ackerman himself. Or, more specifically, his voice actor Hiroshi Kamiya. The Levi-inspired vacuum cleaner, made by Roborock S6 Pure, will include 104 lines spoken by Kamiya.

Image via Crunchyroll

The order page for the vacuum, found on the Hikari TV Shopping website, features a video for the robot and boasts that it can handle “Titan-sized spaces”. The Levi-inspired vacuum features an image of humanity’s strongest soldier in his cleaning outfit.

Here are some of the lines included for the vacuum, imbued with Levi’s signature sarcasm of course:

  • “Commencing cleaning. My mission is to wipe out every speck of dust from this shitty house. As long as I live”.
  • “The dust box has been removed. You can’t clean it like this”.
  • “Cleaning is complete. This is real cleaning. Do you understand?”

Levi Ackerman has a penchant for spotlessness. As such, this is not the first cleaning product to be associated with the Attack on Titan fan favorite. Levi’s face has also appeared on the bottle of a Japanese laundry detergent brand. In a series as dark as Attack on Titan, moments of levity or comedy are few and far between. So of course, cleaning-mode Levi has become a huge meme within the Attack on Titan fandom.

The Levi-inspired vacuum is currently available for pre-order on the Hikari TV Shopping website for 69,800 yen (US$641) and will officially release on June 9.

Source: Comic Natalie
© 諫山創/講談社

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