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New Version of Hiroyuki Sawano's Attack on Titan Theme Gets Official Video

A music video for the new version of Hiroyuki Sawano’s infamous Attack on Titan theme has been revealed, The new version of the song is titled “ətˈæk 0N tάɪtn<TFSv>” and was featured in episode 12 of Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2.

The video contains the scenes from the last two seasons of Attack on Titan anime and shows the story of titans and later Eren:

The track was arranged and composed by Hiroyuki Sawano, with lyrics by Rie and vocals by Mika Kobayashi. During the third season of Attack on Titan anime, a version with vocals by Eliana was featured. That track was titled “SymphonicSuite[AoT]Part2-1st:ətˈæk 0N tάɪtn“. All of these tracks contain similar elements and themes.

ətˈæk 0N tάɪtn<TFSv>” will be featured on the Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2 official soundtrack, which is set to release on June 22. It is one of only two tracks on the OST that were composed by Sawano, with the second being “YouSee-Power”. The rest of the tracks were composed by Kohta Yamamoto. The full list includes:

  1. Footsteps of Doom
  2. Into the Night Acoustic ver.
  3. Ashes on The Fire -PTV-
  4. MAN-Child
  5. All of The Freedoms
  7. Night of The End
  8. From You, 2,000 Years Ago
  9. The Global Allied Fleet
  10. MICHI
  11. THAW
  12. Into the Night
  13. EL○
  14. YouSee-Power
  15. ətˈæk 0N tάɪtn<TFSv>

Hiroyuki Sawano was the sole composer for the first 3 seasons of Attack on Titan anime. He was joined by Yamamoto on the 4th after studio MAPPA took over. The two have worked together multiple times, on titles such as Kingdom and The Seven Deadly Sins.

Source: Pony Canyon Anime YouTube
© Hajime Isayama, Kodansha/”ATTACK ON TITAN” The Final Season Production Committee

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