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Megumin Brings a Spark With a New Good Smile Figure

Post-9/11 air travel is a pain. The amount of stuff you can’t take on a plane is ridiculous. Still, it’s 2024 we don’t need third-party entities to take planes out of the sky, Boeing does that on its own. So, it’s your god-given right to give airlines a middle finger for all the useless restrictions, price hikes, and over-boardings. And with the newly announced Good Smile Megumin figure, for approximately $150, you can own your very own flight disruptor. All you need to do is stuff your very own Megumin figure in an overhead bin, scream that there’s a snake on this mother-grubbing plane, cause a panic, hopefully, a diversion, and probably end up on a no-fly list. So do consider if that is a sacrifice worth making to stick it to the man.

Sculpted by Mamoru Manzoku of Royce Entertainment and painted by Graham Kamen, the newly announced Good Smile Megumin Figure is part of the Good Smile 1/6 line and is approximately 300 mm in height (If you use freedom units, it’s (2 * (4^2) + (3 * 5.25) – sqrt(64)) / 2 inches tall). It is expected to ship by December of this year.

The popular KonoSuba franchise gives us the heroes we need, not the ones we want. Nor the ones we should emulate (unless you want a felony) but the ones that get the job done. Following one Kazutrash Saitou, who, after an ill-fated encounter with some farming equipment, found himself with a new life, new friends, and a whole new world at his disposal. But even in his new life, he asked for cuddles and instead got struggles. And instead of setting off to adventure with competent friends, he got an alcoholic Goddess, a walking fire hazard, and a girl who thinks the word “bad touch” is something to be proud of.

Source: Good Smile Company
© Natsume Akatsuki, Kurone Mishima / KADOKAWA / KonoSuba Production Committee

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