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Falin Beams With New Pop Up Parade Figure

It’s better to be adaptable than it is to be strong. The best way to make friends and know people is to share a meal with strangers. Because, how you prepare food and how you appreciate it is indistinguishable from who you are. True beauty is irrevocable, only faltering to time itself. And if you’re beautiful, it doesn’t matter if you’re a hot onee-san or a weird dragon/chicken/human chimera. If beauty is on your side, it’s on your side. These are the life lessons Delicious in Dungeon teaches us. And if you can appreciate those lessons you can certainly appreciate the new Falin Pop Up Parade Figure.

Sculpted by ene (via Wonderful Works), this beautiful non-scale figure is approximately 7 inches tall. All that’s required on your part to get it is about $30 and waiting until February 28, 2025. So go ahead and get it. Because you know that $30 in this day and age is nothing. Hell, give Subway another year, and those “$5 foot-longs” are gonna cost about 30 bucks. So, just buy it. Make your dreams come true, through capitalism.

After hunger leads to a sloppy fight against a dragon results in his sister getting eaten. Laios rallies a few of his recently defeated party and rushes back into the dungeon to save his beloved sister. But there’s a catch. They’re broke and have no supplies. To overcome that little issue, the party eats monsters along the way. A method is both economic and practical. But their journey isn’t easy, and there’s pain at the end of the road. Currently airing on Netflix, Delicious in Dungeon is the modern retelling of the story of how man came to be. Man find weird beast, man kill weird beast, man eat weird beast, man gain proteins, proteins make man smart.

Completely unrelated to Delicious in Dungeon is the free Koinobori pin that you get when you buy anything over $75 through the Good Smile Company shop. Is that worth mentioning? Yes. Why? Koi are just expensive carp, and I like both carp and expensive things.

Source: Good Smile Company US
© Ryoko Kui, KADOKAWA/Delicious in Dungeon PARTNERS

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