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Say Hello to Spring With New Kurumi Hanfu Figure by Shibuya Scramble

The term “luxury” is erroneous. It makes it sound like acquiring something expensive and beautiful is merely wanton excess. It suggests that focusing on excessive beauty is not important or relevant in life. But not only should the pursuit of excess beauty be the goal of life, it should be the standard. And with the newly announced Shibuya Scramble figure of Date A Live’s Kurumi Hanfu, those lofty standards can be easily attained. Best of all, it only costs you approximately $220. Standing, or in this case, lounging, at 215mm (about 3 Bic Macs for our American readers), the eStream figure was sculpted by Honoka and is set to be released in September 2024.

Some may think that spending over $200 on an anime figure is preposterous. But those are the kinds of people who probably scowl when they see puppies. Not the kind you really want to associate with. But if you’re a connoisseur of finer things, if you appreciate art and know the meaning of the word “impasto,” or if you just want to admire something beautiful, this Kurumi Hanfu figure is definitely for you.

With five seasons to its name, more waifus than you’d know what to do with, and a plot that sounds like it’s straight out of the Cryptonaut podcast. Date A Live follows Shidou Itsuka, who, through the strange whims of fate, ends up with the ability to save the world. Or, at the very least, divert large-scale disasters. And how can he do that? Well, by making smoking hot spirits fall in love with him! Just like the good lord intended. Haven’t watched it yet? Check out seasons 2–5 on Crunchyroll! As well as some of the OVAs! What happened to season one? We don’t talk about season one. But if you buy that newly announced Shibuya Scramble Kurumi Hanfu figure, we might tell you where you can find it.

Source: Hobby Genki Official Site
© Koshi Tachibana, Tsunako/KADOKAWA/”Date A Live” Production Committee

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