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Vampire Dormitory Episode 4 - Just Friends

Vampire Dormitory episode 4 aired on Sunday starting with a short recap of the end of episode 3 where Luka and the vampire known as “Founder” have a confrontation about Luka’s actions. Characters start falling into their respective roles as Komori stirs the pot between Mito and Luka, and Ren begins to show a terrifying side of himself by the end of the episode. While the pacing of the series still leaves a lot to be desired, the episode slows down a bit and shows us slivers of each character’s rightful place in the plot.

The Pretty Boy Becomes Friends

Luka continues to suppress his feelings for Mito to keep his promise to “Founder” established in the previous episode, and he does this by simply avoiding her. Meanwhile, Ren takes this chance to sweep Mito up and take her somewhere, just the two of them. While Komori isn’t a character with a ton of screentime, he’s easily the most mysterious and presses Luka on what he’ll do about Ren and Mito spending time alone.

Komori is going to be the character to keep an eye on the most, especially as he continues to fuel the fire that is Luka’s feelings for Mito throughout the episode. His hair and eyes remind me all too much of the vampire “Founder” from the previous episode, and this has me wondering if he’s been asked to keep watch over Luka by vampire officials.

However, Komori ramps up the temptation as he has Mito dress up and wear strawberry cologne for Luka to feed on her blood. Komori’s true intentions aren’t so clear, as he sets up a seemingly romantic time for Luka and Mito, but reminds Luka not to fall in love.

Juri is also a character we don’t see as much as the main three: Mita, Luka, and Ren. But surely he will eventually become a vital part of the plot given his actions back in episode 2. He knows something about Mito and is suspicious of her. It is unclear how much about Mito he knows, but he coldly rejects going to a mixer with the others. Vampire Dormitory episode 4 reminds us that Juri has his own thoughts about Luka and Mito, we just don’t know exactly what they are.

While Luka and Mito have their own complications, Ren looks to have even heavier problems — and we saw a glimpse of this in the after-credits scene. Ren has something “inside” of him trying to get out, and he dramatically warns Mito not to get too close to him. Each episode leaves us with a cliffhanger, so I’ll be back to watch Vampire Dormitory episode 5 next week.

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