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Vampire Dormitory Episode 5 - Everyone Has Secrets

In many vampire series, characters hold dark secrets, and in Vampire Dormitory episode 5, it is Ren’s secret that is revealed. Mito also continues keeping her own secret about her true gender and Luka’s past is still shrouded in mystery. This fast-paced episode brings us two unexpected sides of Ren and builds up drama just as a vampire-romance shoujo anime should. Despite my earlier negative feelings about the series, I admittedly feel too invested in the anime to give it up, and episode 5 gave me more reasons to stay.

The Pretty Boy Runs Away From Home

At the end of episode 4, Ren had an emotional breakdown, which, in episode 5, was revealed to be him suppressing the vampire that consumes him. After a close call involving Ren’s vampire fangs pressing to Mito’s neck, she scurries home to Luka in turmoil, taking out some anxiety on him in an accusatory way.

Mito is not only keeping her gender a secret but her romantic feelings towards Luka a secret as well, which creates emotional strain. I find her emotionally immature and unable to communicate well, but such is the typical shoujo protagonist.

I’ve often asked myself throughout the series why Mito continues this charade with Luka, but she mentions in episode 5 that she’s worried Luka will reject her for keeping this secret. When Mito runs from the dormitory to get away from any confrontation, she encounters some threatening men but is saved by none other than Ren. The two head back to the dormitory and into his bedroom, which, in my opinion, is just asking for trouble.

Ren knows he can’t keep his secret any longer and explains that he is half-human and half-vampire, and his knowledge and experience of being a vampire is why he’s avid to protect Mito in ways he couldn’t protect his own mother. Mito makes the bad decision of staying the night in Ren’s room, which I correctly assumed would lead to Luka finding out. However, I didn’t expect a softer, gentler side of Ren near the end of the episode.

Up until this point, Ren has seemed like a jerk who was only obsessed with hostility towards vampires and being overprotective of Mito. While the vampire side of Ren was revealed in this episode, a second new side of him was also shown — his caring and gentle side. I didn’t think I’d be so easily won over to “Team Ren,” but seeing this part of him has helped me like him more.

Luka, Mito, and Ren all have secrets and interesting pasts. The three are sure to keep things interesting as the series continues, and I must admit that Vampire Dormitory has become something I look forward to every week rather than just watching it for the sake of keeping up with this season’s anime.

Although quick, the pacing of Vampire Dormitory episode 5 is better than the previous episodes, so I’m becoming more invested in the characters. Next week we hit the halfway point of the show, so don’t miss it.

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