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Night Head 2041 Releases PV, Key Visuals, And More

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Starting on July 14, 2021, Night Head 2041 will begin airing in Japan. The series has released brand new content promoting the “Night Head 2041” anime, including key visuals, a PV, and more. The key visual for Night Head 2041 focuses on the conflict between the Kirihara brothers and the Kuroki brothers.

The conflict between both families is centered on the anime’s setting and how ability users are hunted down by national security. Additionally, the Kuroki brothers are responsible for tracking these supernatural people down, as the Kirihara brothers are on the run due to their abilities. The anime’s written by George Iida, the original director of the Night Head drama.

Additional Details For Night Head 2041

Also, you can watch the “Night Head 2041” PV below:

Actors Kazuyuki Okitsu and Lynn portray Michio Sonezaki and Reika Muto, respectively. Additionally, Michio Sonezaki is a member of the Reich Security Main Office alongside the Kuroki brothers. Meanwhile, Lynn’s character, Reika Muto, is a member of the Japanese special forces.

What’s more, other side characters in the anime have recently announced their actor roles, such as Yasuhiro Mamiya, who will play special forces leader Daisuke Honda. Moreover, Reina Ueda plays diner clerk Yui Akiyama who meets the Kirihara brothers during the story.

Additionally, the novel adaptation for Night Head 2041 will release on August 12th and September 15th, while the manga version will release on August 6, 2021. In addition, the actors who appeared in the drama will appear in the anime, such as Ginga Manjo’s Kyojiro Mikuriya.

According to the musical team, Who-ya Extended, the opening song focuses on “an antithesis that has no place for fate or oppression, like the main character brothers who live desperately not to be swallowed by the vortex of causality.” The band also explained that the opening song would “make you feel a certain will is studded in the grandeur and the sense of speed created by digital sound.”

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