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OPINION: Piracy Doesn't Help The Anime Industry Enough

As you all know, piracy nowadays is a pretty common occurrence, especially in the anime and manga community. Not all countries have access to things like Funimation or Crunchyroll so some fans have to go and rely on illegal streaming/downloading services in order to follow their favorite shows. The biggest problem here is the fact that watching anime from an illegal platform does not support the industry we all love and care about. The recent event left the community a little bit shaken and you can read more about that here.

We, the Anime Corner team, want to have our own say in that matter.Piracy is a bad thing and you need to keep in mind that you may face charges for illegally watching/downloading/uploading anime or manga in some countries. We don’t support illegal streaming services nor do we stand by the side of sites that are profiting from piracy of stuff that people from the industry had to pour their heart into. We are well aware of the fact that piracy itself helped to spread anime to a lot of people and it really helped the community grow, but that doesn’t mean we cannot try to support the industry at least a little bit.

Piracy won’t be completely removed from the internet but we, as a community, still can support the industry in many ways! Here are some of the actions you can take to help the anime and manga industry:

Please remember that while watching anime from illegal services you are not supporting the Japanese industry. The original creators deserve more credit for their work besides the awareness they get from ‘pirates’ and you can help to do that by paying a legal streaming service subscription or buying officially branded merchandise! That will let the industry get even bigger and you will feel a lot better knowing that you are supporting the creators you love!

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