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Ore, Tsushima - Perfectly Sized Anime Bite

Ore, Tsushima (I, Tsushima) is a short-episode anime airing this season, that is somehow flying under the radar despite being free to watch on YouTube. Studio Fanworks (Aggretsuko) and Space Neko Company produced the anime, which follows the adventures of a lazy cat and its owner.

The anime is based on the seinen slice-of-life Ore, Tsushima manga by Opuu no Kyoudai. Jun Aoki (Pop Team Epic)directed the anime.

Ore, Tsushima Story

Tsushima is a stray cat who spends his days digging through trash and trying to find food. One day, an older lady finds him and decides to take him home. However, she’s in for a surprise after Tsushima starts talking. It soon turns out that he is a very lazy, gluttonous cat with seemingly zero regard for his owner’s feelings.

Each episode is around 2 minutes long, with an intro and credits, which makes them perfect to binge or just watch whenever you have spare time. Even though the episodes are short they still have a healthy amount of humor, with some unexpected plot twists that quickly resolve themselves. The WEB version also has quite a few heartwarming moments.

Ojiichan (the old lady) is clingy, loves cuddles and cats, and her cats, Tsushima included are, well, cats. Usually selfish, self-serving, and self-centered, they “endure” Ojiichan in exchange for food. But, deep down they care for her, in their own way. Even Tsushima shows her small signs of love by bringing her gifts and demanding pets and cuddles (which she enjoys giving). At the end of the day, Ojiichan’s cats are her closest friends and family, and she knows how to accept their flaws and make it work.

Other than Tsushima, the Ojiichan also owns and feeds at least 4 other cats. Their daily lives and bickering are also a part of the story, which manages to capture cat relationships perfectly.

The cast for the anime is quite impressive. Ojiichan is voiced by Mayumi Tanaka, the same seiyuu who voices Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece. Akio Ootsuka (Blackbeard, All For One) is Tsushima. Nobuhiko Okamoto (Katsuki Bakugo from MHA) is also starring in the anime.

Is Ore, Tsushima the anime for you?

If you like cats, comedy and don’t mind a very unusual style of animation, then Ore, Tsushima is probably something you would enjoy. Short episodes mean that even if you don’t like it, you won’t have wasted a lot of time. So, if the story sounds appealing, head over to Asmik Ace’s YouTube channel, where all the episodes are available to watch for free.

As mentioned above, the WEB version of the anime also exists, but it’s slightly different as it breaks the fourth wall quite often. It also shows a different point of view – Tsushima is actually a big softie.

©Opunokyoudai · Shogakugan/I, Tsushima Production Committee 2021.

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