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Original TV Anime Rumble Garanndoll Premieres this October

The original TV anime Rumble Garanndoll premieres this October 2021. Studio Lerche will be producing the series along with EGG FIRM under the direction of Masaomi Andō. In addition, a new promotional video and teaser visual were also revealed.

Cast & Production

Seiichirou Yamashita will be voicing Hosomichi Kudo with Ai Fairouz as Rin Akagi. Meanwhile, Aina Suzuki will be lending her voice to Yuki Aoba along with Shiori Izawa as Misa Kuroki.

Masaomi Andō will be directing the series while Makoto Uezu will be in charge of the script. Akio Watanabe will be designing the characters along with Keiko Kurosawa who will be overseeing the animation design.

Andō also directed the series Astra Lost In Space and Scum’s Wish, along with Keiko Kurosawa who was also in charge of the character design.

Rumble Garanndoll Synopsis

Japan is about to change its era in 2019. A rift in another dimension suddenly appears in the sky, unveiling “Shinkoku Nippon,” a reverse parallel world. In this parallel world, the militarism of the past has been maintained, and the Reiwa era continues.

With its “Genmu” chemical weaponry and enormous humanoid “Garan” weapons, Shinkoku Nippon invades modern Japan. They plan to instantly seize the government and effectively conquer the country. The era of “harmony” never came to us.

Ten years later, Japan has been reborn as “Genkoku Nippon,” a vassal state of the “Shinkoku Nippon.” In the midst of strict censorship, the once-thriving subculture of manga, anime, idols, etc. has completely died out. The subculture of manga, anime, idols, etc. that once flourished has completely died outor so it seemed.

Synopsis via Rumble Garanndoll Official Website

You can watch the promotional video here.

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Source: Rumble Garanndoll Official Website and Official Twitter

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