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Kiryu-kai Forever: Kiryu Coco Officially Graduates

The beloved dragon Vtuber, Coco Kiryu has graduated, giving the viewers one last concert before leaving.

The new month is finally here and to some people, it’s a fresh start. To Hololive fans however, it’s much more than that. The event aired at 8:00pm JST and ended exactly two hours later. What’s more is that they reached around 480,000 live viewers by the end of the stream.

Ever since the announcement of her retirement 3 weeks ago, she has made the most out of her time by releasing entertaining content. These include her birthday stream, new outfit reveal an original song, Reddit meme reviews, and a special interview with Cover Corp. CEO Motoaki Tanigo.

What happened during Coco’s graduation stream:

  • First, the show opened with Coco’s introduction, where she gave a short message to the fans.
  • Second, a pre-recorded segment follows, where the members of Hololive Japan, English and Indonesia talked to Coco. Each member reminisced about their memories with the graduating talent.
  • Her colleagues in the 4th generation sat in a room with Coco (this time, beside her, in 3D) and relayed their handwritten messages. Each of them sheds tears as they say their final messages.
  • Next, the 4th generation did one last concert together, singing Hololive’s staple song “Shiny Smily Story,” and “Kiseki Knot.”
  • Lastly, they then moved to Coco’s catwalk stage, where she sang her original song “Weather Hackers” as her friends cheered on.

For a final gesture, Coco takes one final bow and exits backstage as the song dies down. The audience proceeds to thank Kiryu Coco in the live chat, and posts and messages from social media continue to flood in. Hashtags like #GoodbyeCoco and #KiryuCocoGraduationLIVE were trending in multiple countries on Twitter.

Kiryu Kai Forever!

Tatsunokos all around the world showed their love for the VTuber. In Hong Kong, a group of supporters bought bus stop ads. Meanwhile, in Taiwan, another group of supporters bought a bus side ad. Once again, this truly shows how loved and special Kiryu Coco is.

Adored by both fans and her co-workers, she will continue to shine no matter where she goes. Thank you, Coco. To wrap this up, if you enjoyed reading this VTuber feature, show some love in the comments! Anime Corner will keep tabs on major VTuber updates.

Hololive Production © Cover Corp.

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