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Coco Interviews YAGOO: What You Should Know

It’s the moment every Hololive fan has been waiting for! Last June 29, The CEO of Cover Corp, Motoaki Tanigo aka YAGOO appeared in an interview with the talent Coco Kiryu as part of her countdown towards her graduation.

In the 32-minute live stream HERE IT IS GUYS, Coco interviews Yagoo. The two dives into questions about Hololive. It was done in Kiryu’s 3D model alongside a moving cardboard photo of Tanigo. They entertained questions like, what it takes to be a talent, what his favorite memes are, and his opinion on Coco.

For a long time, fans have been waiting for the founder’s appearance on “Reddit Meme Reviews,” a popular segment hosted by the Dragon Vtuber, which ended last June 27th. Instead, they started this separate segment to be able to fulfill Coco and the fan’s wish.

All in all, the two made the Q&A educational, especially for viewers wondering about how things work behind the scenes. Not to mention, the friend-like relationship of the two was an entertaining experience. What’s more, he won over the fans with his personality. All of these happen while getting his cardboard model beat up repeatedly by Coco all throughout the stream.

More on the Founder and The Company

Motoaki Tanigo is the CEO of Cover Corporation. Born in December 10, he graduated from Keio University with a degree in Faculty of Science and Technology and did game development for Sanrio Co. His nickname “Yagoo” which most fans know him as came from his talent Subaru Oozora who misread his name during a stream. As a result, the fans started referring to him by the famous nickname.

Tanigo started his business Cover Corporation back in June 2016. Cover started as a technology company before creating Hololive production a year later. Hololive is the leading VTuber company worldwide, going head-to-head with Nijisanji (owned by ANYCOLOR Inc) in the VTuber market as of 2020.

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