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Osamake Season Finale: Love is War Until the End

The season finale of Osamake: Romcom Where The Childhood Friend Won’t Lose finally premiered, and Kuroha took the spotlight! Plus, she made another move! For the last time, sit tight, and let’s take a recap of the events for our season finale.

Kuroha and Sueharu’s Childhood

Since Shirokusa and Momosaka had their turns with interviewing Sueharu, now it’s time for Kuroha’s turn. She brought Sueharu to a cave deep within the forests – the cave where he accidentally met him after running away from home when they were still kids.

She recalled how thankful she is for having Sueharu being with her. On the same side, Sueharu also felt thankful for having Kuroha beside him especially in times of hardship. He mentioned that he’s only able to take a step forward because of her presence. It does really feel nice to have a childhood friend like Kuroha.

The Childhood Girlfriend

After reminiscing the past, Kuroha still made her ultimate move for the whole season. Once again, she confessed to Sueharu, and unfortunately, she implemented a secret rule that if he weren’t able to provide an answer within ten seconds, she would no longer accept it.

And why Sueharu wasn’t able to tell Kuroha his answer? It’s because of how Sueharu felt jumbled as if his feelings are currently a big jigsaw puzzle. He thought that he wouldn’t be able to fully commit to Kuroha since his feelings are split into three childhood friends.

Thus, Kuroha proposed a label of “childhood girlfriend” in the meantime. It’s the kind of relationship wherein not “more than friends, but less than lovers” but “a girlfriend who’s like a childhood friend that you want to keep a hold on.”

Long story short, it would be a label of insurance. They wouldn’t be legitimately dating, but would act as an insurance as to when the time is right.

Sueharu’s Fan Club

Unfortunately, the behind-the-scenes production of Child King: The True Ending wasn’t shown as it was skipped. After having the documentary’s reveal, Sueharu suddenly got famous and had his own fans club.

And because of this fact, the three childhood friends got their game up and decided not to lose. Yes folks, the war between these girls still commence and the fans club won’t be able to stop them.

Child King: The True Ending

After having the one-on-one interviews with Shirokusa, Kuroha, and Momosaka, Sueharu finally filmed the true ending for his hit series Child King. The ending depicted Sueharu who suffered comatose and went in a deep sleep for the past six years. When he woke up, Kuroha’s right beside him while Momosaka and Shirokusa stood shocked at the door.

A Second Season?

Right after the childhood friends felt furious with Sueharu’s fan club, there was a sudden ping that took all of their attention. Could this be a sign that there would be a second season? Well, we do know that the story would not conclude yet as there’s no definite winner yet.

It’s more likely that this love war will continue, but let’s not take a step ahead! Please note that this is an assumption and it would be best to wait for further announcements.

Now that the first season of the series has officially ended, let’s support the series in the seasonal polls!

You can watch Osamake’s season finale on Crunchyroll or Muse Asia on YouTube. Once you’re done watching, you could read more features on Anime Corner as well.

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