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Osamake Episode 9: Summer Continues

Episode 9 of Osamake: Romcom Where The Childhood Friend Won’t Lose finally premiered and the summer outing continues! The last episode was all fun and games but this time, a lot more feelings get conveyed.

We’ll be looking at interesting topics as well as unexpected outcomes, but nonetheless, the summer outing was a success.

Bikini Festival

Gorgeous swimsuits? Cute girls? It’s a bikini festival! Ultramarine Channel’s summer outing continues and this time, the Colorful Sisters join the squad.

But let’s not get too excited as a lot of things happened in this episode. So sit tight and let your feelings judge these characters.

Kuroha’s Attack

Kuroha and her sisters finally arrived at the villa, thus she attempts her attack! She took Sueharu deep in the forest to tell him one thing – that she’s declaring war. She’s denouncing that she’ll keep telling Sueharu “I love you” all the time.

Shirokusa’s Will

We also get to see how Shirokusa’s trying her best in reaching Sueharu’s expectations. She finally realized that she would no longer depend on Sueharu like she used to before, but that doesn’t mean she’ll completely ignore him.

It means that Shirokusa will start doing everything she can independently and become more honest with herself. Moreover, she’ll only rely on Sueharu for help and advice from now on. It clearly tells us that she wanted to be the person to support Sueharu when he needed one.

Akane and Aoi’s First Love

One surprising thing in this episode was the twin sister’s feelings. Akane Shida and Aoi Shida are twin sisters and the youngest of the Colorful Sisters. Akane told Aoi that her chest feels tight whenever she sees Sueharu admiring others.

Thus, it does indeed prove that their first love was indeed Sueharu. Aoi admitted that first love was a poison, but what’s more is that for her, lies are her medicine.

If love really is poison, then for me, lies are medicine.

Aoi Shida

Ultramarine Channel’s Performance

The main reason why the Ultramarine Channel decided to go on a summer outing was to shoot a performance video of the three heroines. On the last day of their gathering, the three childhood friends performed and they all gave their very best.

The summer outing was a success, but unfortunately, some things happened. Shirokusa accidentally tripped while Sueharu rushed towards her. He did catch her, but at the cost of his arm because he broke it.

In the aftermath of the summer outing, Tetsuhiko and Abe discussed how the gathering concluded and who was the winner. In Tetsuhiko’s point of view, no one actually won but it was Shirokusa who had the most impact on Sueharu.

Lastly, Shirokusa and Sueharu are going to live in the same house together to look after Sueharu because of his injury. Things are surely not getting well with Kuroha’s side.

Let’s all find out what would happen as Shirokusa will be staying at Sueharu’s house and support the series here in our weekly polls!

You can watch Osamake episode 9 on Crunchyroll or Muse Asia on YouTube. Once you’re done watching, you could read more features here.

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