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Hololive English Announces Debut of 4th Generation -Justice-

The Hololive official website just announced the debut of the 4th group of hololive English talents, hololive English -Justice-. Four new talents will be joining the hololive English group: Elizabeth Rose Bloodflame, Gigi Murin, Cecilia Immergreen, and Raora Panthera. Check out the preview trailer below:

Hololive English – 4th Generation -Justice- Introduction Trailer

According to the preview, the new unit members will have their debut streams starting on June 21st PDT / June 22nd JST, taking place over two days. As is usual now, once the debut streams are over, they will also have a collab stream with some extra announcements. Check out the full schedule below:

hololive English -Justice- Profiles

Elizabeth Rose Bloodflame
“Let my voice be your strength.”

The Scarlet Queen, Elizabeth Rose Bloodflame paves the way for the world and all of its people.
Not only does she stand at the forefront during missions with her physical prowess, but she also captures the hearts of all around her with her beautiful singing voice.
She is highly self-disciplined and a bit too hard on herself, but, perhaps due to her culture’s emphasis on politeness and manners, she tends to go a bit soft on those around her.
As a result, she spends her days stressed out with her work coordinating Justice, but it seems like there’s nothing a nice nap in a comfy bed can’t fix.
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Gigi Murin
“Huh? But it was funny! Don’t get mad at me!”

Born and raised under the flag of Freedom, Gigi Murin is a free-spirited Chaser and mischievous gremlin.
While she is proficient in chasing down targets with pure intuition, she struggles with memorizing directions and making calculated decisions. She states that she’d rather not spend much time thinking because it makes her head hurt.
These quirks are also present in her everyday life, where she tends to prioritize her instinctual craving for fun and being silly over anything else.
She is often the source of headaches for those around her, causing trouble because she “thought it would be funny.”
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Cecilia Immergreen
“I came up with a new melody. Would you like to listen?”

Cecilia Immergreen is an Ancient Automaton, with a penchant for flowers, tea, and creating music.
Crafted during ancient times, Cecilia was originally made to be dedicated to eternal servitude. Yet in recent times, she began slacking off on her work, lazily cooking mostly potatoes along with whatever else she found in the kitchen. She has now all but abandoned her duties, doing the bare minimum and mostly immersing herself in her various crafty hobbies.
With newfound interests in life, she takes on every new experience with the pure curiosity of a young girl.
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Raora Panthera
“Woah, this place looks delicious! Let’s go check it out!”

The Artist with the God Eyes, Raora Panthera is endowed with investigative and descriptive prowess.
Her means of information gathering are diverse, utilizing not only her agility and social skills, but also various social media platforms and other… unique methods.
The facial composites she draws based on the information she gathers are renowned for their accuracy, almost as if she was looking directly at the criminals as she draws.
However, these days, her gaze is directed towards finding new pizza joints and enjoying the pop culture of the far east.
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ABOUT hololive English -Justice-

Justice has been given but one mission: to bring justice to the world.
They are a group of rowdy troublemakers who work on the fringes of an uptight, strict organization.
Elizabeth Rose Bloodflame is Justice’s manager, but she does not necessarily hold more power than the other three: Gigi Murin, Cecilia Immergreen, and Raora Panthera.
They are currently on a mission related to a recent prison break from “The Cell” and seem to have loose connections with the escapees.

The Lookout
The Lookout is Justice’s home base, located in a corner of the organization’s headquarters.
It is here where Justice gathers to conduct many of their duties: holding strategy meetings, surveillance, and information sharing.
Behind a hidden door in the base is a telescope, used to monitor locations around the world.
The headquarters itself is not visible, hidden within the clouds between worlds and dimensions.

The Panscope
Although not necessarily all-seeing, the Panscope is a great telescope that is able to monitor remote areas with a high degree of accuracy.
An essential piece of equipment for Justice, whose duties extend around the world, and even to a great prison known as “The Cell.”

Hololive English -Justice- is the fourth and latest generation of Hololive English, with Hololive Advent, who had their debuts on July 29th 2023, being the last addition before that. The first generation of Hololive English talents is called “Myth” and is composed of talents Mori Calliope, Gawr Gura, Takanashi Kiara, Ninomae Ina’Nis, and Amelia Watson. They debuted on September 2020.

The second generation, originally called “Council,” includes Ceres Fauna, Ouro Kronii, Nanashi Mumei, Hakos Baelz, and Tsukumo Sana. Another talent in the Hololive English roster is IRyS, who debuted under the special generation “Project: HOPE” on July 11, 2021. After the graduation of Sana, IRys joined with Council to form the unit Promise.

Source: #holoJustice Special Website, Hololive Official Website
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