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Hololive English 2nd Generation "Council" Debuts

Another addition to the Hololive English family announced during first collab stream

Hololive English has debuted its second generation, much to the excitement of the agency’s fans. After a day of delay, the second generation dubbed as the “Council” is finally revealed. This ends the fans’ guessing on who Hololive’s Council is, as teased in its world-building trailers prior to their debut.

Tsukumo Sana: Hololive Council speaker representing Space

First to debut is Tsukumo Sana, the Speaker of Space. Aside from her big stature and bosom, Sana is interested in astronomy, astrology and EDM. What keeps her from obliterating Earth is the size limiter she has atop.

Sana’s debut stream has reached 827,000 as of this posting. In addition, her second live stream will be about astrology.

Ceres Fauna: Council member resembling Nature

Second to debut among the Hololive Council is Ceres Fauna, representing Nature. Ceres, a descendant of the Kirin (deer) bloodline, is into drawing, bossa nova, playing the kalimba, and tea. Her first experience with chat led her to bonk them. Her future activities include weekly ASMR streams.

Ouro Kronii: Hololive Council’s “Time”-keeper

First described by fans as a helicopter no thanks to her head adornment, Hololive Council’s Ouro Kronii steadily grows as a favorite among fans. She is the first to give fans some “ara-ara” attention more than once with her smooth mature voice.

“You’re looking at the ribbon, right?,” Kronii asks fans whom she suspects are looking beyond her fluid-motion ribbon.

As a keeper of time, she gave no schedule for her future activities, although she said her goals include improving her singing and her mixing skills. Her second stream is a play-through of Twelve Minutes, an interactive thriller game.

Mumei Nanashi: Guardian of Civilization

Do not let her aloofness fool you, Mumei Nanashi is adorable. She even offered a song for her viewers, which carries an adventurous feeling. Joining the Hololive Council’s persona of “Civilization” is her bag friend, whom she made so she can’t feel lonely.

Likewise, the owl-like Mumei is keen into world-building, and is game to obtain knowledge, despite not knowing what to do next. She includes natural and ancient history in her next streaming agenda.

Baelz Hakos: Hololive Council’s Chaotic Coffee-Drinker

Lastly, we have Baelz Hakos. representing Chaos. “Stop calling me baby, look before you say anything!,” says the chaotic Baelz while she introduces herself in a quiz-like manner. She clarified that she is from the Chaos race, but she looks like a rat in her physical form.

Baelz is a treat for fans anime fans and as she cites Durarara!!’s Izaya and Shizuo, Fullmetal Alchemist’s Ed and Al, and Youjo Senki’s Tanya Degurechaff and Being X as her top 3 anime duos.

Baelz is game for challenges – in fact, we are to expect challenge videos from her soon.

Omegaα is coming soon

In addition to the Hololive Council, another persona will be joining Hololive English soon. In the Council’s first collab stream, she is announced as “Omegaα (Omega Alpha),” who is credited as a producer for IRyS’ Ceasura of Despair video. After the Council review the world-building teasers in detail, they showed viewers to the cause of the events of Hololive English, from Myth to Project Hope and now the Council.

Teaser for Hololive English’s Omegaα

On Twitter, Omegaα describes herself as “the EN(D),” who knows things about Hololive English. Hololive Production staff member A-chan has looked forward to meeting Omegaα, who replied in kind.

More news and features on Hololive and other Virtual YouTubers are coming your way on Anime Corner, so stay tuned.

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