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Hololive English Debuts With a Bang!

Anime Corner Author

Just this weekend, the Virtual YouTuber (VTuber) community spent the rest of the day watching members of the newly-formed Hololive English unit kick off their debut on the platform.

Catered to the English-speaking audience, Hololive English brings one of Japan’s successful virtual groups to the other side of the world with five virtual idols centered on the theme of mythology. Members of the Hololive English’s first generation are Mori Calliope 💀, Kiara Takanashi 🐔, Ina’nis Ninomae 🐙, Gawr Gura 🔱 and Amelia Watson 🔍.

On this feature, we will be sharing what we know about Hololive English’s 1st Gen:

Mori Calliope 💀

What to look forward: Reaper rapping

Mori is “I died” in Spanish, while Calliope in Greek mythology is regarded by Hesiod and Ovid as the Chief of all Muses who presides over eloquence and epic poetry.

Mori Calliope describes herself as the Grim Reaper’s first apprentice whose job of being a reaper is put into hiatus, resorting to producing sick beats and slapping sick raps.

Her first extended play album (EP) to be released this week includes “失礼しますが、RIP♡” (Excuse My Rudeness, But Could You Please RIP?), an original song composed by kokorobeats gives us a taste of Mori’s deadly wordplay inspired by Japanese rap music. Popular anime YouTuber Gigguk said in a comment that “These bars dropped harder than the 2020 world economy.”

Her dreams are to be a great track maker and mixer, write songs for anime/games, become a fluent in Japanese, and start a business. She’s aiming to collaborate with other virtual YouTubers and people alike, as well as have a 3D model and do a live show.

On a wholesome note, she also dreams to support her Hololive English colleagues “because they are great!”


Anime: Madoka Magica, Made in Abyss, Dr. Stone among others

Games: FromSoftware games, Ghost of Tsushima, Castlevania: SOTN, weird RPG maker games, platformers


Likes: Slaying people, dark spaces, flowers, stuffed dolls, sweets, the color red, mafia movies, Japanese rap, red wine, her sensei The Grim Reaper

Dislikes: Crowds, coffee, hospitals, cantaloupe (which looks similar to her name Calliope)

Kiara Takanashi 🐔

What to look forward: Mentions of fast food

There are many definitions of the name Kiara, but this Kiara is a fan of fast-food. It shows.

Kiara Takanashi is a “part-time warrior/idol, majestic phoenix” who dreams of owning a fast-food shop. She blatantly says that she is neither a chicken nor a turkey.

Setting aside the cute noises on her debut, she celebrates her birthday on July 6th (National Fried Chicken Day), and is a well-aware phoenix who wants to make her Hololive boss YAGOO proud.

Her favorite senpai Usada Pekora welcomed her debut in the live chat, much to her surprise.

It’s worthy to mention that her character designer is Huke, famous for his character designs on Black Rock Shooter and Steins;Gate.

Aside from opening a fast-food restaurant and having her 3D model, her goals include collaborating with games/anime/conventions, stand on the same stage as her seniors in Japan, release original music and looks forward to fanart and cosplayers of her.

Kiara has shown her idol side by singing the Hololive original “Shiny Smily Story,” being the first to do so among the team.


Anime: Tales of-series, Atelier series, MMORPGs, Arknights, Super Mario games, Zelda series

Games: Bakemonogatari series, Railgun/Index, Nichijou, working!!, Minami-ke, Steins;Gate, Kannagi, Re:zero

Music: Hello!Project (Berryz Koubou, Buono!, S/mileage, Juice=Juice), Anisongs, Supercell, nostalgic game soundtracks

Languages: German, English, Japanese


Likes: Fast food, adventures, hats

Dislikes: Scary stuff, one-sided feelings

Favorite Senior: Usada Pekora

Ina’nis Ninomae 🐙

What to look forward: Art and chill, wholesome conversations

Ina’s backstory is interesting: “One day, she picked up a strange book and then started to gain the power of controlling tentacles. To her, tentacles are just a part of her ordinary life; it has never been a big deal for her. However, her girly mind does want to get them dressed up and stay pretty,” hence the Louis Vuitton-like designs on her tentacles.

She, a Priestess of the Ancient Ones, now adds being a virtual YouTuber to her list of roles which already include being a talented artist. As an artist, she is a major contributor in providing material for the team’s debut including Mori’s EP album art.

Ina is backed by two powerful papas: Her character design is done by Kouhaku Kuroboshi, best known for his works on Kino’s Journey, Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online, Fate/Grand Order, Princess Principal among others. Her Live2D model is done by rariemonn who also built models for a number of Hololive senpai including Korone and Okayu. Prior to her debut, she already owned books of her two papas.

Aside from world domination, Ina’s goals are to make a lot of friends from all over the world, do lots of collab streams, get better at Japanese, and draw everyone in Hololive. She already hinted a big scale project which is still being planned.


Anime: Neon Genesis Evangelion, Fate/ series, SAO/SAO:GGO, Gintama, Saiki Kusuo, Nichijou, Gundam, Gundam Unicorn, Gundam 00, Darling in the Franxx, 3-gatsu no lion, Mushishi, Natsume Yuujinchou, Made in Abyss, Madoka Magica, Code Geass, Anohana, Angel Beats, Fullmetal Alchemist, guren Lagann, K-On!, Violet Evergarden, Yuuki Yuuna is a Hero, Kimetsu no Yaiba

Light Novels: Biblia Koshodou no Jiken Tenchou, 86, Lord Elmelloi II Case Files, Kino’s Journey, Fate/Strange Fake

Games: Nier series, Final Fantasy XIV, Destiny 2, APEX Legends, Kingdom Hearts series, Pokemon, Fate/Grand Order, Arknights, Granblue Fantasy, etc.

Music: Aimer, ReoNa, Yorushika, DUSTCELL, Co Shu Nie, Mili, SEKAI NO OWARI, STARSET, EGOIST, sayuri, M2U, Camellia, Kevin Penkin, Yuki Kajiura

Languages: English, Japanese, Korean


Likes: Food, drawing, gaming, reading, cooking (sometimes)

Dislikes: Cucumbers, bugs, being bored

Gawr Gura 🔱

What to look forward: City pop

Perhaps the cutest shark around hololive, Gawr Gura (Read “Gar Gura”) has simple goals: Play twister in a 3D collab with all of her Hololive English colleagues, play the scariest horror game with a heart rate monitor, learn to play the banjo and play it on stream.

Most fans underestimated Gura’s interest in music so much that they were dumbfounded when she sang a Tatsuro Yamashita’s Ride on Time instead of Baby Shark.


Anime: Konosuba.

Games: MuseDash, Taiko, Rhythm Heaven, Borderlands, Resident Evil

Music: Yunomi, Kygo, SEKAI NO OWARI, Tatsuro Yamashita


Likes: Food (Salmon), People watching without intent to eat

Dislikes: Hot sand

Biggest Fear: Loud stomach grumbling

Amelia Watson 🔍

If most of us were thrown away with Gura’s city pop singing, we were all thrown away with who Amelia Watson is in general.

Reactions from the viewing public described her as a mix of Holmes, Kiryu Coco and Haachama (Akai Haato). Amelia looked normal the most among all of the cast, but it turns out that she’s quite the opposite.

Amelia got so curious investigating Hololive that she joined the ranks as well. She already reached her goal of having a hundred thousand subscribers, so what remains of her goals is to investigate more Hololive members, improve in Japanese, design merchandise and make a Hololive game. This is aside from her dream of having her own 3D model.


Anime: Mob Psycho 100, InuYasha, golden Kamuy, Deca-Dence, Girls’ Last Tour, Made in Abyss

Manga: Promised Neverland, Tokyo Ghoul, Kawazu-san no Isekai, Usotsuki Rhetoric, Detective Conan, Oogami-san, Dadamore Desu

Games: CS:GO, Valorant, APEX Legends, Fallout, BotW, GTA5, Portal, INSIDE, RHF, osu!, Beat Saber, Project DIVA


Likes: Roller coasters, sleeping, clear noodles, green, iced tea, doggies

Dislikes: Dirty monitor juice, loud/high pitch noises, going outside, onions and peppers, wearing clothes to sleep

Biggest Fear: Loud stomach grumbling

To summarize the debut of Hololive English, it’s a mix of strange and not-so-strange people backed by some of the big names in Japan’s creative industry and Hololive itself. After their debut stream, they are already getting used to their audience. We look forward to their developments in the future.

Jay Agonoy

Jay Agonoy has written feature stories for websites such as The Reimaru Files and Rappler, as well as moderated select panel discussions on the local anime and idol cultures. Currently, he handles keepsakes., his personal multimedia project spanning blogs, vlogs and podcasts. Prior to Anime Corner, Jay has covered events since 2010. (See Jay's current portfolio on MuckRack.)

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