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IRyS is here: Hololive’s English VSinger Debuts!

Everybody gives a warm welcome to IRyS, the latest member of Hololive who just had her debut last July 11 at 10 am JST.

On November 30, 2020, Hololive released auditions for a VSinger. Many were excited as to what the new VSinger could possibly bring for Hololive. However, fans are no stranger to the idea because of AZKi, the Japanese virtual diva.

Here’s how the stream went:

Right off the bat, a music video plays, introducing us to a new song with stunning animation, “Caesura of Despair,” where we hear her beautiful voice for the first time.

Once again, we go through the usual debut routine, the Nephilim explaining her profile, bio, and fun facts about herself! She then introduces her creators: her artist redjuice, and rigger rariemonn.

We eventually get to the moment everyone’s been waiting for: Getting to hear her powerful vocals, with none other than karaoke, singing a wonderful rendition of Cruel Angel’s Thesis!

What’s more, is that she is releasing her EP Album II: Caesura of Despair, released the following day at midnight local time. Likewise, 3 new songs and a remix are included in the album.

She’s finally free!

Every VTuber has a Twitter where people keep updated on their streams or see what’s on a VTuber’s mind. Unfortunately for IRyS, Twitter restricted her account just after 15k followers.

After hearing about the news of her account, other Hololive members began to convey their support for the new member. Not to mention, the multiple fan arts by the viewers show how well received the new talent is.

Thankfully on July 10, just a day before her debut, her account was finally back and she is able to catch up and greet her new fans.

What did you like about IRyS’s debut? Tell us in the comments! Don’t forget to catch major VTuber updates on Anime Corner, keeping you up on everything VTuber-related.

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