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Remake Our Life Episode 2: There’s Always a Way

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Episode 2 of the anime series Remake Our Life finally premiered and Kyouya Hashiba’s creative life begins, again! For this episode, the students should group themselves into four and create a short film no longer than 3 minutes having a theme of “time.” With Kyouya, Shino Aki, Nanako, and Tsurayuki together, team Kitayama’s first project begins!

The series continues its heartwarming story with a pinch of challenges and hardships that are common to group projects. Also, please be aware of spoilers!

To Find Their Own Self

While working at his part-time job, Kyouya asked Nanako why she decided to study at an art school. He also asked Shino Aki when he got home and all of them have the same reason – to find their own selves. They all decided to study at Oonaka Arts College to find what they’re good at.

And that was when Kyouya suddenly sparked with a new idea for their short film. Inspired by their own stories, he came up with this wonderful idea but unfortunately, it wasn’t only his idea.

Coincidence? Or Not a Coincidence?

Apparently, Kyouya’s idea wasn’t only his idea. In other words, he shared the same idea with his friend, Tsurayuki. Because of their converging ideas, Tsurayuki questioned Kyouya as to how and why they had thought of the same ideas.

The reason behind their same thoughts is because of the novella Kyouya used to read in his former life. What’s more, is that the author of that novella was no other than the person questioning him, Tsurayuki. He felt inspired by that written masterpiece, thus they had the same ideas.

Common Misunderstandings

Misunderstandings and hardships are common barriers that groupmates should overcome. Admit it or not, there’s always a time when a group quarrels over such things and that is absolutely normal.

Team Kitayama’s first barrier took place at a discussion regarding the limited time their professor had given. They were only given a maximum of three minutes, which so far, seems too short. Thus, Tsurayuki asked for possible adjustments but Kyouya insisted on cutting down the script, which Tsurayuki’s unsatisfied with.

There is Always a Way

Of course, overcoming these misunderstandings is the top priority of a group. And one important trait that people should have is being optimistic, thinking that there is always a way.

Kyouya only realized this fact after having a discussion with his professor, but it was always his job as a producer to work things out. Out of the four of them, Kyouya should be the most optimistic about his decisions. He insisted that they should try shooting and acting the film first before making adjustments. And if any adjustments were needed, they will always find a way to fix them somehow.

You can watch episode 2 of Remake Our Life here on Crunchyroll and Ani-One Asia’s Official YouTube Channel! Once you’re done watching, you could read more features on Anime Corner as well.

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