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The Dungeon of Black Company Episode 1: Underpaid Workers Suffer More

Episode 1 of ‘The Dungeon of Black Company‘ anime finally out! The anime introduced the three main characters of the series. Unfortunately, there is no opening song in this episode.

The first main character that we can see here is Kinji Ninomiya. He is the protagonist of the series. Not only that, but Kinji is also a self-proclaimed “uber NEET”, who owns 3 huge buildings in Japan.

Kinji Ninomiya

The second character is Wanibe. He is a kind-hearted demihuman and also has a knack for understanding the hardships of others. Also, Wanibe is a worker who always gets scolded at Raiza’ha Mining Corporation.


Last but not the least, Rim. She is a dragon, who lives inside the dungeon where Wanibe and Kinji work. Rim is always hungry and will do anything just to eat delicious foods.


Warning: To those who didn’t watch the episode yet, this section contains spoilers.

Plot of ‘The Dungeon of Black Company episode 1’

The Suffering Workers

To start off, Kinji, who lives in Tokyo, got transported into another parallel world. There, he became a worker at Raiza’ha Mining Corporation. It is a company that overworks its underpaid employees.

According to the speech of the company’s owner, the employees must sacrifice their time for rest and eating just to achieve the company’s goals. She doesn’t care what happens to them because their only duty is to work for the corporation. The job of the employees is to mine as many Demonites (some kind of ore) as they can.

What’s more, the owner also sugarcoated that by working like that, they will achieve the feeling called “fulfillment” if they happen to finish their duty. She also said that it will be the most important timeless treasure in their lives. Of course, many of the employees believe in her speech.

Suffering worker

Wanabe, Kinji, and Rim’s Encounter Inside the Dungeon of Black Company

Three months have passed, Kinji saw Wanibe being scolded by one of his superiors, saying that he is really stupid. Unfortunately, Wanibe accepted the accusation of his superior. Of course, Kinji doesn’t care about what he just witnessed.

Then, Kinji discovered a secret portal that allows traveling to the third level of the dungeon they’re working on. There, he finds out that the quality of Demonite at that level is higher than usual. Hence, he asks Wanibe to help him mining the stones.

Kinji’s plan is to mine the Demonites so that he can get a higher salary than usual. However, when the two of them just finished digging and were about to go back, they faced a dragon who wants to eat them. Since Kinji is smart, he comes up with the idea to make a deal with the dragon.

If the dragon will protect them from the other monsters when they are at work, Kinji will feed her foods tastier than humans. The dragon agreed and transform into her human form. Her name is Rim.

Kiniji and Wanibe’s first encounter with Rim

How to Make the Workers Suffer More

Well, Kinji thought that he will achieve his plans, but he didn’t expect that all of his salaries will be used only for Rim’s food. Still, he didn’t lose his hope, instead, Kinji tried to work harder. Because of that, he discovered a magical item that can hypnotize people.

The only one who can use the magic item is Rim because it was originally her dirt. Of course, Kinji uses the weapon to hypnotize the workers. He took the command among them, even on his superiors.

Since Kinji is making them work overtime always, the workers started to feel exhausted. Unfortunately, because of the hypnotism, they still continue to work. Therefore, Kinji thinks that the time has come for him to be rich in that parallel world.

Then, one day, while Kinji is making the employees do the work, the magic item suddenly broke and he is not aware. As a result, the workers came back to their senses. Worse is the fact that when it happened, Kinji is currently mocking them.

Magic item breaks

As a result, the employees beat Kinji up. The episode ended with Rim biting Kinji because she is hungry. Can Kinji escape the sorrow of the black company culture?

To know the answer, keep watching the anime! The next episode will air on July 16, 2021. You can watch the series on Funimation.

Lastly, if episode 1 of ‘The Dungeon of Black Company’ happens to catch your attention, you can vote for the anime on our weekly poll.

Below is the series synopsis, if you want to know more:

Kinji, who lacks any kind of work ethic, is a layabout in his modern life. One day, he finds himself transported to another world–but not in a grand fantasy of a hero welcomed with open arms. He’s immediately shoved into a terrible job! Now enslaved by an evil mining company in a fantasy world, Kinji’s about to really learn the meaning of hard work!

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