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World’s Biggest VTuber Agency COVER Corp Aims for 50 Million Fans by 2030

COVER Corp., the world’s biggest VTuber agency and producer of hololive targets a massive 50 million fans by 2030. COVER Corp CEO Motoaki Tanigo revealed this in an exclusive interview with Anime Corner, responding to a question on concrete growth figures following their new US subsidiary, COVER USA:
We aspire to provide a service that garners support from 50 million viewers/fans by 2030 and 100 million by 2050.

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Alongside his massive growth projection, Tanigo spoke on the unique attraction of hololive, the possibility of anime tie-ins, expectations of the new expansion, and aspirations for new technology, including, “Upon the widespread adoption of AR [Augmented Reality] glasses, we aim to host AR-format live events in urban settings.” Readers can check out the full interview above or see hololive Meet 2024 ambassador Hakos Baelz reacting to being “exposed” about crying at the recent hololive x Dreamhack concert:

As revealed in COVER Corp’s announcement of the new US subsidiary COVER USA, the “main objective for opening their first location outside of Japan is aimed at localization efforts to facilitate global expansion.” Tanigo’s personal comment adds:
COVER Corporation is actively striving to promote the culture of Japan-made “VTubers” phenomenon worldwide. Last year, we participated in over 20 anime conventions and successfully held a large-scale live concert in North America. We are excited to announce the establishment of our first overseas branch to further bring awareness to the VTuber culture in North America. Through our North American Branch, we aim to expand our local PR efforts and business operations. We look forward to collaborating with various local companies in the future and are excited about the opportunities ahead.

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