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hololive's Sakura Miko Stars in One of Two Brand-New Indie Games

holo Indie will add two new games to its roster this June: hololive‘s Sakura Miko and her fanbase 35P feature in the new Miko Sniper game, launching on June 7, 2024. Meanwhile, DUEHOLO launches on June 28, featuring Sakura Miko, Aki Rosenthal, Oozora Subaru, Ookami Mio, Houshou Marine, Tsunomaki Watame, Omaru Polka, Hakui Koyori as they battle against holomem. Readers can get more information below and check out March and April’s holo Indie game releases here.

holo Indie’s upcoming June titles: Miko Sniper & DUEHOLO

Game developer Same Games created Miko Sniper, which retails for 490 yen (~$3), supports Japanese, English, Indonesian, Thai, Chinese (Simplified, Traditional), and Korean, and can be installed on Windows via Steam. Described as a Strategy Tower Defense Game, Miko Sniper‘s official synopsis reads:
Sakura Miko and 35P are ready for battle!
Miko Sniper is a chaotic shooting game where you get to shoot, burn and explode your enemies! Let’s go 35P! Slashing, striking, flame throwers, and powering up your stats! Fight together and defeat incoming enemies with 35P, who have various unique abilities! Changing clothes will also change your play style. Enhance 35P’s abilities to clear stages easier and increase the number of enemies to achieve high scores. There are many ways to enjoy this game!

holo Indie’s Miko Sniper game

DUEHOLO was created by developer Take and retails for 490 yen (~$3), supports Japanese and English, and can be installed on Windows via Steam. Described as a Rogue-like Card RPG, DUEHOLO‘s official synopsis reads:
Rogue-like card RPG where you build your deck with cards of hololive members! Fight against holomem to strengthen your deck and defeat boss holomem!

holo Indie’s DUEHOLO

holo Indie was a brand introduced by COVER Corp in November 2023, designed to support User Generated Content (UGC) following their launch of the CCMC (Creator Community Company) in October. The press release adds that they’re supporting creators through these initiatives by enabling continuous work with the numerous IPs held by COVER Corp with creators receiving the benefits in turn. Readers can look ahead to Anime Corner’s interview with COVER Corp CEO Motoaki Tanigo, where he discusses their expansion with the new U.S. subsidiary COVER USA, fan interaction initiatives like hololive Meet, which announced its 2024 ambassadors last month, and more.

Source: Press Release

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