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FanFes 2024: A Summer Feast of Cosplay Creativity and Fun Activities

Following the success of Cosplay Carnival in March, FanFes 2024 embarked on a new journey at the One Ayala Mall in Makati on May 18 and 19. The two-day event by Cosplay.ph was a thrilling and vibrant blend of interactive experiences, from Yoshinoya’s Gyudon Eating Contest to the South Korean special guests and the entertaining games. Its theme was “The Steelsmith Arc.”

Although the event took place in a new venue, the enthusiasm of the con-goers was still soaring as they were filled with joy in simply celebrating their love for anime, cosplay, and art, and just having the chance to actively be part of the cosplay community (if you want to see our event gallery, skip to the end to go the next page).

But it wasn’t just about fun — FanFes 2024 also had panel discussions for sharing insights and fostering connections in the Philippine cosplay community. It’s undeniable how con-goers experienced a lively and welcoming environment, leaving everyone with unforgettable memories.

For example, Cosplay.ph prepared a new set of side quests from Hubbyte Toy Store and Cosplanomicon. Universal Music Group (UMG) and Toki Asia gave out freebies while Del Monte offered free drinks. The Price Fight activity tested the participants’ pricing and budgeting talents, but it was the Gyudon Eating Contest that was really the highlight of the event.

Yoshinoya’s Gyudon Eating Contest

The “Yoshinoya Gyudon Eating Contest” is back with a blast of flavors. The world-famous contest, which was last seen in 2018, makes its grand comeback at FanFes 2024. The contest was open to anyone who answered a set of questions prepared by the host.

Cheers and laughter filled the air as contestants devoured their way to victory, making it a happy and mouthwatering view for the audience. There were three rounds in the contest, each crowned with different winners. (The contest and flyers were so fun and convincing that the editor and photographer, Carla, walked all the way to the other mall to have lunch at the Yoshinoya Restaurant.)

Artistry and Cosplay Discussions on Stage

The Think Talk segment gave some helpful advice when expert panelists shared their insights on various topics and social issues within the cosplay community. The first day discussed “How to Have a Successful Booth at Events?” with cosplayer Pomponmy and business owners Liz Alexandrea and Xarin, while the second day discussed “How Does an Artist/Cosplayer Compete with Generative AI” with creative experts Envy Smith, Adrian Arcega, and Jeff Benitez. Their panels gave plenty of tips and practical strategies about the subjects.

Think Talk Panelists: Pomponmy, Liz Alexandrea, and Xarin (from right to left)

While Cosplay Karaoke, Facepalm the Music, Cosplay Auction, and Open Mic Karaoke were successful in hyping everyone up, what made this event more captivating as compared to others was how educational it was. The panelists in the Think Talk segment shared their experiences in each of their respective fields of expertise. Not only did it equip us with invaluable knowledge, but it served as an inspiration to face the challenges in our creative journeys. Whether it be doing event booths or becoming overwhelmed with new technology — it is a step forward toward achieving our goals.

The Special Guests of FanFes 2024

FanFes 2024 had its engine full of great cosplayers who came all the way from South Korea. The special guests are JooA, Ing, Berry, and Tomia, who were amazed at how they received such a heartwarming welcome. Each of them had their Meet-and-Greet and Question-and-Answer sessions while sharing their cosplay journeys with fans.

On the first day of FanFes 2024, JooA and Ing made a special appearance onstage. YouTuber JooA shared that she handles criticism by exercising humbleness and by continuously improving herself in the cosplay scene. Meanwhile, Ing’s heartwarming experience in the community is from 10 years ago when someone helped her to do her make-up when she was still a newbie – reminding us that the kindness we spread will never be forgotten.

On the second day, Berry and Tomia had their interview onstage. DJ and Twitch personality Berry loves traveling, experiencing diverse cultures, and enjoys witnessing people’s passion for cosplay. Tomia shared that she was happy meeting everyone after a long time. Ing and Berry also surprised the audience with their joint performance of ASMRZ’s Good Night Ojosama on Day 1.

FanFes 2024 Special Guests: Ing, Berry, JooA, and Tomia (from left to right). Photo via FanFes Facebook.

In case you missed it, Cosplay.ph announced that Thai cosplayers Aim and Kurumin will be the guests of honor at the upcoming Anime and Cosplay Expo (ACX) on July 20-21.

Celebrating Arts and Fandoms in the Summer

One Ayala Mall at Makati City was a very convenient and refreshing venue since it was just a few steps away from the train station – a win for commuters. And since the Philippines is experiencing frustrating summer heat, anyone (especially the cosplayers) can appreciate walking through air-conditioned places. Although the event halls suffered poor signal, packed corners, and limited movement, FanFes 2024 still proved that it is a level-up from last year’s event. It stands by its name — a festival of arts and fandoms, allowing everyone a place to enjoy and support each other’s crafts, hobbies, and favorite things this summer. That said, Del Monte’s free drinks definitely saved the day!

From stunning cosplay and thrilling contests to insightful panel discussions and interactive segments, the FanFes 2024 truly served something for everyone. Everyone’s enthusiasm made it a memorable experience, showcasing the vibrant and ever-growing cosplay community.

All in all, FanFes 2024 truly transformed the weekend into an unforgettable celebration for con-goers. Be sure to check out our event gallery on the next page!

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