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Sayonara Kaichou!: Coco Kiryu Graduates this July 1

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Hololive’s Coco Kiryu announces graduation for July 1st in a sudden announcement broadcast live June 9th at 12 pm JST.

It’s a sad day for the tatsunoko as their favorite dragon VTuber announced her departure from Hololive.

Kiryu Coco Graduates: Last Live on YouTube this July 1 at 8:00pm JST

 “Kiryu Coco will be graduating”

The 12-minute video begins with her greeting the viewers, she explains that she has an important announcement and after minutes in, the screen flashes a text that roughly translates to “Kiryu Coco will be graduating.”

She did not impart any reason for the decision but she asked the audience to respect her wishes. The rest of the video proceeds with her explaining the following:

  • Exclusive Membership will still be up for 3 months (until September 30, 2021 at 11:59:59 PM JST). She reminds them to unsubscribe so that the site doesn’t continue to take their money.
  • Fans are still able to send her presents and fan mail up until July 14.
  • She also personally asked the viewers to not bring up her graduation to other VTubers.
  • Telling them to stay positive, and that she will be holding her graduation stream on July 1st at 20:00 JST.

Hololive’s parent company Cover Corporation released a separate statement following the announcement. Cover states that it is saddened by her decision to leave. Despite this, after much deliberation between both parties, they have decided to honor her wishes.

Cover asks everyone to keep in touch with Cover’s official homepage for more information leading to Coco’s graduation.

Who is Kiryu Coco?

Kiryu Coco, also known to fans as “Kaichou” is one of Hololive Japan’s 4th Generation members, known for her meme reviews, yakuza games (which inspired her name), and the fan-favorite AsaCoco Live which ran from December 2019 to November 2020. She debuted last December 28, 2019 and is racking up over 1.2 million subscribers from her channel.

What’s more is that one of the most notable contributions she has made is proving that English is a good way to broaden the viewer audience. Thanks to her, Hololive Production is convinced with the idea of starting Hololive English, which turned out to be a huge success.

Coco has also reached 100,000 subscribers in her first month after debuting, the fastest out of all the talents during her time. In addition, she is still among the highest earners in super chat revenue, earning more than 244 million yen according to the latest Playboard statistics.

She has contributed a lot to Hololive Production and change the way Vtubing will be for a lot of people.

Thank you, Coco.

As common courtesy, viewers are asked not to speculate and spread misinformation, and respect Coco’s wishes as her VTubing journey ends soon. Thank you, Coco.

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