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Original TV Anime Visual Prison Reveals First Promotional Video

The upcoming original TV anime Visual Prison revealed its first promotional video and the show will be premiering this October 2021. Moreover, Studio A-1 Pictures will be producing the series along with its creator, Noriyasu Agematsu.

Cast & Production

The main characters of the series are actually split into three bands – Oz, Lost Eden, and Eclipse.


Shōya Chiba will be voicing Ange Yuki along with Makoto Furukawa as  Guiltia Brion. In addition, Hiroki Nanami will voice Eve Louise while Shun Horie will voice Robin Laffite.

Lost Eden

Meanwhile, Takuya Eguchi will be voicing Latour Saga along with Shimazaki Nobunaga as Mist Flaive. Takuma Nagatsuka will voice Veuve Elizabeth while Shougo Yano will play Jack Mouton’s role.


Lastly, Toshiki Masuda will be voicing Dmitri Romanee while Shouta Aoi will voice Hyde Jayer.

Symphogear and Wild Arms creator Noriyasu Agematsu will be directing the series with Studio A-1 Pictures. Also, Elements Garden will be producing the music, while Ikumi Katagiri is in charge of character designs.

Visual Prison Synopsis

Yuki Ange is a young boy who is unable to fit in with his surroundings and has a strong sense of loneliness inside. When he finds himself alone in the world, he leaves his hometown to visit Harajuku, a town where the artist he admires is active. He leaves his hometown to visit Harajuku, the town where the artists he admires were active. He encounters a live battle between the visual-kei unit “ECLIPSE” and “LOS†EDEN”. While being overwhelmed by the energetic stage performance, Ange is suddenly hit by severe pain…

Synopsis via Visual Prison Official Website

You can also watch the new promotional video here.

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Source: Visual Prison Official Website and Official Twitter
©Noriyasu Agematsu, Afredes/Project VP

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