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Kageki Shojo Episode 2: A Glimpse Of The Limelight

Kageki Shojo’ Episode 2 has just aired! The episode looks at the girls’ first day as freshmen at Kouka, while introducing some of the other students too! It also fleshes out the characters of Sarasa and Ai, while bearing a rather ominous note for the future.

Rise and Shine!

Despite Ai’s weak attempts at waking her roommate up, the Kouka freshmen arrive on time to meet the second-years! Each student is assigned to a “big sister” in the form of an upperclassman.

Sarasa Watanabe is many things; a light sleeper is not one of them.

Ai is assigned to Hijiri Nojima, the second-year vice president. Hijiri greets Ai warmly, expressing that she’s a very big fan of JPX. Her words have a rather insincere note though, as Ai determines that Hijiri was not one of her fans during her time at JPX. Hijiri shrugs this off, keeping her cheery demeanor as she teaches Ai how to use a broom.

Hijiri teaches Ai how to use a broom!

It was rather awkward of Hijiri to bring up Ai’s time at JPX, despite it being common knowledge that she was forced to quit from the group. Perhaps it stems from obliviousness or ignorance. However, her discussion about the competition for roles in Kouka, later on, suggests otherwise. Hijiri seems far colder and calculated than she is letting on. Only time will tell what her deal really is and what role she plays in the long run.

Never is a strong word…

Sarasa’s big sister is Risa Nakayama. Unlike Hijiri, Risa is immediately cold toward Sarasa. This doesn’t faze the dorky blonde though. She cheerfully takes to the tasks she’s assigned to do despite Risa’s harsh language, radiating goofball energy all the way through. However, Sarasa’s smile is wiped off her face when Risa comments on her desire to play the role of Lady Oscar. Risa rigidly states that Sarasa will never play the role. This brings her to tears, sobbing as she recalls a memory of being told she would never play the role of Sukeroku.

Sarasa is brought to tears.

Risa is taken aback by Sarasa’s intense reaction to her words. To her, Sarasa’s height is too much of technical difficulty to accommodate her in such a role. She thinks to herself how sticking out like a sore thumb is a death sentence in their world.

However, she keeps these thoughts to herself. She consoles Sarasa, offering to help her with her chores in order to get them done faster.

Theatre Tour!

Later on, the class gets to know each other better through some introductions. Their teacher then surprises them with a tour of the Kouka Theatre. There, they get a glimpse of the work done behind the scenes. The girls marvel at the beautiful costumes being embroidered. The stunning backdrops and realistic props also manage to catch their eye.

As the tour ends, a door slightly ajar catches Sarasa’s eye. Despite the protests of her teacher, she opens it and finds herself at the center of a massive stage. The spotlight lands firmly on her. And though the room is completely empty, Sarasa relishes the feeling of being center stage. Here, her flames of passion blaze, knowing that this is where she wants to be. As she basks in the light, Ai can’t help but stare too, marveling at how dazzling Sarasa appears.

Ai marvels at Sarasa’s radiance!

The episode ends on a bit of a darker note. A man adorning Ai Narata and JPX merchandise stand by a harbor. As he reads an article on his phone saying that Ai has enrolled at Kouka, he stands triumphantly, exclaiming that he’s finally at Kobe.

Who is this guy?

One more thing worth mentioning is Kageki Shojo’s ED, which was not present in the first episode. It makes its first appearance here in all of its glory. It features a beautiful melody, accompanied by gorgeous, eye-popping visuals. The ED truly is the icing on the cake of a solid Kageki Shojo episode 2!

Kageki Shojo’s ED is filled with gorgeous visuals!

It’s only the beginning!

Kageki Shojo’s second episode gave us a lot more of what was great about the first. Sarasa’s charm is on full display here, really emphasizing the role she fills as the show’s lovable idiot. Sure, her lack of social awareness may annoy some people. But her charisma and determination ultimately cement her as a compelling character that we want to see succeed. Ai’s aloof personality contrasts this rather effectively, serving as a great foil to Sarasa’s extroverted, bubbly nature. It would be nice to see Ai’s character fleshed out more as the show goes on. However, the show’s teasers surrounding her stalker may be building to that later on. So we might not have to wait too long to learn more about Ai.

Sarasa’s lovable charm is enough of a reason to keep watching the show!

Furthermore, the show builds on the atmosphere they established in the first episode. There is some competitive tension surrounding the girls and their interactions. But the general vibe of the show doesn’t stray too far from fun and charming! The show strikes a very good balance between these two aspects and is to Kageki Shojo’s benefit. The show may still shift in tones later on, and it will be intriguing to see how they do so should they choose to.

Kageki Shojo episode 2 is available to watch on Funimation! Episode 3 will premiere on July 17, 2021.


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