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Hamefura S2 Episode 2: The Return of the Villainess

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Hamefura S2 Episode 2 has already aired and it’s quite an interesting continuation of the events from the first one. Before we jump into the episode, let’s have a quick recap of the first one. The first episode was all about Katarina’s time at the school festival. Although, she mostly spent most of her time eating and roaming around. The student council also planned to put up a play for the festival. However, a problem arises regarding the play at the end of the episode.

Problems and Pressure

Hamefura S2 Episode 2 starts of with one of the student council members rushing to Prince Geordo. The member reported a problem to the prince that will momentarily lead to another problem for Katarina. Turns out, one of the main actresses for the play had an injury. This caused the entire council to worry since the play is about to open its curtains. Geordo suggested having a stand-in for the role and everyone was all eyes on Katarina. With the missing role being a wicked older stepsister who makes the protagonist’s life miserable, she surely is the best choice. The pressure was built up which eventually lead to Katarina doing the role but she knows this won’t end well.

Katarina feeling the pressure

Final Preparations

With a little amount of time left before the curtain rises, the council rushes to polish everything before it starts. Meanwhile, due to a lack of skill in memorization, Katarina made some cue cards to aid herself. Luckily, the play’s plot is like a bootleg version of Cinderella because instead of a glass slipper, it’s a boot. Keith, Maria, and Mary checked up on her before the play started. Geordo also took a chance to admire her beauty a bit and he showed his conservative side. Of course, preparations for Katarina wouldn’t be complete without a snack and fortunately, Keith is there to save the day. After a few moments, the stage is now set, the audience is in place, and the curtains are raised.

Katarina’s final preparation for the play

A Somewhat Succesful Play

The play has now started and Mary and Keith’s performance has been delivering so far. However, disaster strikes when Katarina’s scene finally came up. She forgot all her lines and her cue card fell off from her prop. While Katarina was on the spot, Maria recognized the situation and tried to help her out. Unfortunately, she was unsuccessful in retrieving the cue card. While Katarina was in a rough spot, the council on her head instantly called for a meeting. Eventually, she realized that she was playing a villainess this whole time. Katarina memorized all the lines of the villainess from the Otome game she used to play, thus, her scene was saved.

Katarina and Mary’s scene

Katarina’s ad-lib inspired Sophia to spice the story of the play. Without hesitation, she added a new character, the Black Mask, and a romantic subplot to Katarina’s character. Of course, being the harem queen that she is, everyone tried to get the role of the new character. In the end, Nicol is the one who ended up playing Katarina’s love interest for the play. Then comes the climax of the story where the Black Mask and the Prince fought for Katarina. Keith also joined the fray and Maria wanted to prove her love to the villainess as well. Katarina then embraces her inner villainess and saved the day.

Keith, Geordo, and Nicol fighting for Katarina

The play then concluded where everyone lived happily ever after. Despite being a stand-in, Katarina’s performance was superb. Even her parents came to see her backstage and congratulate her for a job well done. She also received a lot of compliments regarding her performance which made her ponder on becoming an actress.

After Curtain Call

While busy admiring herself, Katarina was called by a suspicious person telling her that everyone already left for the ball. Of course, it’s Katarina we’re talking about here so while going to the ball she can’t stop thinking of what kind of food is going to be there. The episode ended right after a mysterious person showed up and tries to silence her.

A mysterious person trying to silence Katarina

The second episode showed surely was an entertaining one until it ended with a cliff-hanger. Personally, this episode showed Katarina’s lack of self-confidence and weaknesses but in the end, she managed to overcome it. Hopefully, more developments for the villainess in the future episodes and we get answers on who’s the mysterious people in the end.

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