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Oshi no Ko Episode 3 Explains the Sad Reality of Live Action Adaptations

Whenever an anime or video game gets a live-action adaptation, most of the time it gets a lukewarm reception, especially among fans of the original franchise. Episode 3 of Oshi no Ko sheds light on some of the reasons behind this trend and the people affected by these failures. In this episode in particular, a manga titled Sweet Today (which also happens to be the favorite of Chika Fujiwara in Kaguya-sama: Love is War) was being adapted into live-action. Starring Kana Arima, the child actress who can cry in 10 seconds, it gave insights as to why show business is all just business and barely any show.

The Sad Reality of the Acting World

Much like the idol world, the acting industry is the same: using pretty faces or popular titles to make as much money as possible and barely showcase any talent. Of course, not every idol group or adaptation is inherently awful or using these schemes but the fact that it exists currently is just sad to think about.

The TV drama adaptation of Sweet Today was presented as a small-scale production due to its distribution on a recently launched streaming platform and the majority of the cast being rookies. However, this is not a valid excuse for a poor retelling of a great story, especially considering that the adaptation was a spin-off of the original. The production prioritized profit over quality wherein it featured as many actors as possible in an effort to attract viewers and rush through the story. What’s even worse is that as the drama targeted the female audience that fanboys over handsome men, most of the “rookie actors” in the show don’t even aspire to become actors in the first place or have the same level of passion for acting as Kana does.

It’s disheartening to witness the failure to deliver and do justice to the original story because of the production’s greedy approach. This has a significant impact on the author of Sweet Today, who sees her work being used as a promotion for models she has no interest in. It’s evident that the author is disappointed with the live-action adaptation and this is severely affecting Kana, who is the only one with actual acting skills. However, despite all of this, Kana is still determined to salvage the situation by bringing Aqua into the equation. From there we can see Kana’s passion for acting and the significant growth of her character over the years.

The Passionate Actor Kana Arima

Kana Arima delivers exceptional performance in every aspect of her character in this episode 3 of Oshi no Ko. From the character design to her voice acting, the staff and Megumi Han (Kana’s voice actress) clearly put great care and attention into her portrayal. Initially, Kana was introduced as an arrogant and egotistical child actress, but throughout the course of the episode, she demonstrates impressive growth and maturity. Personally, her incredible development even surpasses MIiyako’s and what truly stands out is her immense passion for acting.

Oshi no Ko Episode 3 Maintains the Same Theme

Oshi no Ko episode 3 delves deeper into the dark side of the entertainment industry, focusing on the challenges of adapting TV dramas. Moreover, it maintains the show’s overarching theme of exposing the harsh realities of the industry. The whole production remains exceptional as it secures its place at the top of the rankings for the third time in a row.

While the episode highlights the emotional toll that a poorly executed adaptation can have on the creators and those involved, Aqua’s revenge story also moves forward, bringing him closer to the person responsible for Ai’s death. Oshi no Ko‘s ability to intricately depicts the dark side of the show business world and unravel the mystery surrounding Ai’s death is what makes it so captivating and the primary reason why I love it.

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