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Our Dating Story: The Experienced You and The Inexperienced Me Episode 5 - The Beach Episode

It’s time for the iconic romance anime beach episode, Our Dating Story: The Experienced You and The Inexperienced Me episode 5. It starts with Ryuto helping Runa with her English at a burger place. While on the assignment, they talked about how a man would be the last one who could ever lie and that this person is very honest. Later, Runa said that Ryuto is like that man because he wouldn’t lie.

As they were heading out to school, Runa mentioned that it was their one-month anniversary of dating, so she asked if it would be a good idea to go to the beach for their anniversary, and they agreed to go there. Now they are at school, getting their test results back. Runa showed her test and mentioned that she has improved because of him. She was thanking him, even though he thought he didn’t do much.

Maria was waiting for Ryuto outside the bathroom and asked him if he could tutor her. He declined, saying that he was helping Runa with her English. He mentioned he knew someone who could help her with schoolwork, but she declined the offer. Then she asked him for his contact information. He hesitated but eventually gave it to her. As Ryuto was leaving and heading to the beach, Maria texted him, asking if he could tutor her on the 23rd, but he replied that he was busy with summer school. She then asked him when he would be available, but he didn’t respond after he saw Runa.

Maria, you’ve lost your chance. Leave Ryuto alone and find someone new to talk to. Move on. I’m begging; I want my peace in this beach episode.

They arrived at the beach, and Ryuto was very nervous because he had an incredibly attractive girlfriend. While they were under the shade, Runa asked him to put sunscreen on her back because she couldn’t reach it. He got very nervous but managed to do it, and of course, his quirky, nervous self was the cutest thing ever.

They began playing on the beach, having fun, drinking, eating, and doing all those cute dating activities. However, a typhoon suddenly stranded them, forcing them to spend the night together in an inn. It seemed awkward for them, especially for Ryuto, but they found peace.

As they were about to go to sleep, Runa asked him if he wanted to take their relationship to the next level. She shared how much she liked their relationship and the slow pace at which they were building trust and getting to know each other. Ryuto replied that he didn’t want to have sex yet because he was waiting for her to be ready, both mentally and emotionally, to take that step in their relationship.

After that, he dropped her off at her house, and while he was walking home, he saw Runa’s best friend, Nikoru, at work. Her best friend started telling him that he should be careful and treat her well because she has a curse where every two months, her past relationships would break off due to issues like cheating and so on.

The beach part of Our Dating Story: The Experienced You and The Inexperienced Me episode 5 really touched my soul and made me feel so sentimental. Beach episodes are among my favorite types of episodes, ranking in my top three. I appreciate how they openly discuss their feelings for each other, especially Runa’s honesty about how much she enjoys their connection and how their affection for each other grows as their relationship progresses. It fills me with happiness, and the way they communicate is so well-executed that it leaves me feeling content.

Here is the final part of the episode: Runa’s twin sister, Maria, pretended to be Runa and claimed that she needed help at school. She observed that he went to school, but in reality, it was her twin sister pretending to be her. She attempted to convey that she was ready for a more intimate relationship, but in his head, he was so confused because just a day ago, she had mentioned that she wasn’t ready. It left him wondering how she could suddenly have a change of heart. That’s how the episode ended.

She’s a psycho. I can’t even deal with how the twin sister would pretend to be his girlfriend. Why would you do that? It’s your fault that you rejected him in middle school. I get it; you have a complex relationship with your twin sister, but you shouldn’t do that and try to ruin their relationship. They had a good, healthy relationship too. It makes me so angry how characters can do that. And to think that this stuff happens in real life gets me so irritated. You may have a complex relationship with your sister, but you shouldn’t go that far. You already spread false rumors about her, so why would you go this far to pretend to be your twin sister and get to her boyfriend?

I was looking forward to a peaceful and wholesome Our Dating Story: The Experienced You and The Inexperienced Me episode 5 beach episode. Still, she ruined it for me. It also makes me feel excited yet scared for the next episode. As a non-manga reader, I hope this doesn’t take a bad turn because their relationship was so healthy and wholesome, something I wish I had.

Aside from the dramatic ending, overall, the episode was pretty good because it was very wholesome. I loved how they communicated in this episode and had a heart-to-heart conversation. Many characters should have these conversations in romance stories because misunderstandings often occur. I believe there will be more misunderstandings in the next episode due to the twin sister pretending to be his girlfriend. There might be a big misunderstanding in the next episode, but that’s how drama unfolds in romance anime. You have to add some conflict, relationships, and misunderstandings to give the show some spice.

I give Our Dating Story: The Experienced You and The Inexperienced Me episode 5 a 9/10; I’m going to be very honest with you: I’m very biased with beach episodes. 

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