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McDonald's Release Final Anime-Themed Ad for Yoru Mac Potenage Series

The McDonald’s anime series “Yoru Mac Potenage,” initially created by artist Uraura Ura-chan in September 2023, has officially concluded with its sixth advertisement. The McDonald’s anime ads can be watched from the latest to the earliest below:

The McDonald’s anime series, themed “Yoru Mac Potenage,” was started by Uraura Ura-chan in September. It ended on November 5, 2023, per his statement via X:
We have once again produced a McDonald’s ‘Yoru Mac Potenage’ advertising video!
This concludes the Yoru Mac anime series that I have been producing since September!
Everyone who watched it!! And everyone who was involved in the production!!! Thank you very much!! 🥩🪐🥩🪐🥩🪐

Potenage refers to a popular mash-up meal in Japan of potato, rendered in Japanese as “pote-to” and chicken nuggets (“nagetsu.”) The snack is sold at Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, and many other food stores. While we don’t have any data on whether more people have bought this delicious-looking snack since September, the videos themselves have been massive successes in promoting the McDonald’s brand. The first of the series has over 150.4mn views on X as of November 5, while the whole series has over 300mn. McDonald’s collaboration with anime isn’t new, either, making a cameo in The Devil is a Part-Timer and releasing a special visual for a McDonald’s x One Piece collaboration that happened in April.

Source: Uraura ura-chan’s X
© Uraura ura-chan, McDonald’s

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