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Palworld - How to Beat Bellanoir and Bellanoir Libero

Palworld update completely revolutionized the game with new content, balance updates, and incredible amounts of quality of life updates. Other than some of the more notable changes, including ore mining stations within bases and items which provide on-the-spot healing, Palworld introduced the concept of raids and with it the first raid boss, Bellanoir, with three tiers of difficulty to challenge her at.

While most players at endgame will find the lowest level of difficulty manageable without much planning, the middle tier (Bellanoir Libero) and the highest tier (Bellanoir Libero Ultra) are not the kind of fights you can jump into and win, at least not without changing your settings to massively increase your damage output and/or decrease the damage you take. After finally taking down Bellanoir Libero, I’ve mapped out a decent framework for tackling the boss which is adjustable based on exactly how certain you want your victory to be. Obviously, creating a perfect team of maximum stat perfect skill Pals is always an option, but not everyone can or wants to put in the 10s of hours it takes to do that.

Summoning Bellanoir

Summoning the first two difficulty tiers of Bellanoir involves collecting items from chests across the Palworld map. Specifically, both Bellanoir and Bellanoir Libero have their own corresponding fragment item. These fragments are located within chests at the end of dungeons and within the chests you can find at Palworld’s various Wildlife Sanctuaries, since these have the same loot pool as chests at the end of dungeons. To get fragments for Bellanoir you can go to any dungeon. For Libero fragments you’ll need to go to higher level dungeons.

Personally I only found Libero fragments from dungeons in the far north near the Astral Mountains and toward the west near Mount Obsidian, in both cases within dungeons of level 45 and higher. Once you have this item in your inventory and interact with a crafting station, the game will reveal a crafting recipe for a tablet made from 4 fragments. The tablet for summoning the highest tier difficulty of Bellanoir, Bellanoir Libero Ultra, is obtained as a drop from the second tier boss Bellanoir Libero.

The actual summoning, interestingly, has to take place within a base. At level 33, the player can spend Ancient Technology Points to unlock the Summoning Altar structure and can use 100 stones and 20 Paldium Fragments to build one. After placing a tablet within the Altar you can summon Bellanoir. Crucially, I would strongly recommend creating a dedicated base specifically for the purpose of conducting raids.

The game cautions you that structures can be destroyed during battle and they absolutely will. Bellanoir has a variety of attacks with an incredibly wide range of effect and high amounts of damage. Other than the Palbox, just about any structure will be destroyed in a raid. For the Palbox, you’ll need to ensure it is placed on the ground rather than on a foundation, as Bellanoir destroying the foundation will cause the Palbox to be destroyed regardless of its remaining durability.

Defeating Bellanoir

The base form of Bellanoir, unlike the higher two, only has one phase, but the broad pattern of engagement is the same for all three. You will have 10 minutes to take out its 294,000 HP. Since the fight takes place within a base, that means you are able to utilize any number of base Pals for the fight and you absolutely should use them unless you’ve built out your character for high player damage.

Bellanoir is a pure Dark-type and uses Dark-type moves, so Dragon-type Pals that will resist her attacks are the way to go. In general I would say the best Pal for fighting Dark-type Bellanoir is Jetragon. This is because it’s catchable at max level with the Legend passive ability, has high damage-per-second (DPS) via its unique skill Beam Comet, and boasts some of the highest stats in the game overall.

That being said, Bellanoir is only level 30 and is roughly as difficult as a higher-level Tower Boss battle such as the battle against Victor and Shadowbeak. If you bring a base full of high level Pals to the fight and deal plenty of damage as the player you should be able to take out this form reliably. If you want to increase your odds, make use of primarily Dragon-type Pals at level 50. Having an entire base full of 4-star condensed Pals with maximum stats and ideal, bred-down passive skills is not neccessary for this tier of difficulty.

Your rewards will be a Dark Egg containing Bellanoir, an Ancient Civilization Core (which is used to craft some new items from this update), a Multiclimate Shirt +1 which provides level 2 cold and heat resistance, and experience-boosting items.

Defeating Bellanoir Libero

Bellanoir Libero is an entirely different kind of fight and the difficulty is quite high in comparison to Bellanoir. In my opinion, unless you happen to have a conveniently healthy stock of strategically bred level 50 pals, this fight is not doable without some planning and strategy. The 10-minute time limit is the same, but Bellanoir Libero has 450,000 HP you’ll need to take out.

On top that, once you bring Bellanoir Libero down to below 10% of its HP, it transitions into the second phase, recovers about a third of its HP, and turns into an Ice-type, completely countering the Dragon-type Pals you’re likely to have brought into battle for the first phase.

The strategy I used to take down Bellanoir Libero was: 1) tackling phase 1 with high level Pals, including 10 of the boss Jetragon, 2) switching those Jetragon out for Jormuntide Ignis as Bellanoir Libero took them out, and 3) setting up the player for high damage by riding Chillet and either Pyrin (faster on the ground) or Ragnahawk (lets you rain down shots from above, which I chose), investing into the attack stat, keeping 3 condensed Gobfin the your party, eating attack boosting food such as omelets, and shooting Bellanoir Libero in the face with rockets or assault rifle rounds whenever possible, ideally with a legendary weapon.

During the first phase I started with my 10 Jetdragon, including a single fully condensed one that I typically keep in my party, and 10 other high level pals, including some Dark-type pals who resist Bellanoir Libero’s attacks in the first phase. While Pals, especially Jetdragon, are excellent for inflicting damage on Bellanoir Libero, I genuinely believe that player damage is the key to winning this fight. This is because players can eat automatically, don’t suffer the attack debuff from low sanity, and are capable of dodging Bellanoir Libero’s incredibly telegraphed attacks.

As the second phase began, I switched into a base full of Jormuntide Ignis freshly caught from the Wildlife Sanctuary. I’d recommend giving these Pals a lightning skill such as Tri-Lightning, as the stun effect can work wonders against Bellanoir Libero. However, they didn’t last too long. With player damage at the base “1” setting, a legendary rocket launcher, and proper setup using Gobfin and a rideable pal, you should be doing a bit over 10,000 damage per shot on a weak point and anywhere from 5000 to 8000 damage otherwise. Too many Pals taking part in the raid can actually make it impossible to hit Bellanoir Libero with rockets, meaning sometimes your overall DPS will be much higher having fewer Pals out. By keeping type advantages in mind and attacking with an assault rifle or rockets (I brought about 80 to the fight) you should be able to take her down.

Your rewards will be a Dark Egg containing Bellanoir Libero, 1 or 2 Ancient Civilization Cores, a Multiclimate Shirt +2 which provides level 3 cold and heat resistance, special fruits which boost a Pal’s base stats, and a slab to summon Bellanoir Libero Ultra.

Defeating, or more likely Attempting, Bellanoir Libero Ultra

Full disclosure, I have not yet managed to beat Bellanoir Libero Ultra. This absolute monster boasts double the HP of Bellanoir Libero, 900,000 in total, and hits harder. Thus far, one of the only methods I’ve seen work against Ultra is using countless fully-condensed Pals at max level with beneficial skills and strong stats (such as by YouTube user Kawffee who used Jetdragon). Broadly speaking though, I think the same strategy as I described against Libero will work against Libero Ultra if the Pals involved have much more investment into them.

As with the prior stage, I believe that the primary DPS in the fight will end up being the player. Bringing in three or four Gobfin that are fully condensed will in turn maximize the attack boost they provide the player. Bringing Mozzarina Cheeseburgers will maximize the boost from food. Using a fully condensed Chillet and Pyrin or Ragnahawk will provide you with the maximum 20% damage boost to your attacks while riding them.

Tackling the raid with friends will of course make things easier, but doing the above while having maxed out pals makes it doable solo. That being said, I don’t personally plan on doing the Ultra version unless I find that its doable without too many maxed out Pals. Condensing thousands of Jetdragon will take 10s of hours of real-life time and the payoff isn’t incredible compared to the normal Bellanoir Libero.

Your rewards for this fight are roughly the same as the prior two, with the exception of (1) the possibility of 3 Ancient Civilization Cores and (2) the Witch’s Crown equipment which provides Dragon-damage reduction.

Thoughts on Palworld’s First Raid

Personally, I enjoy these raids but I think the battles themselves need some tuning. I personally dislike the fact that battles have to happen inside a base when base slots are limited to 3 and most players already have all of those bases established. The battles are visually spectacular, but the extreme amount of energy beams flying everywhere from up to 20 pals and Bellanoir herself makes it more or less impossible to see her half the time.

This doesn’t just make it hard to aim — it can make the fight feel somewhat like throwing base Pals out without being able to contribute yourself. Difficulty wise, I think things should be adjusted down a level. What I mean by this is that I think the highest tier of difficulty should be Libero or that there should be some fourth tier between Libero and normal Bellanoir. This would create more reliable ways of getting the raid rewards while giving players the opportunity to go for a challenge if they wanted to.

Overall though, this update quite literally changes the game. Pocketpair, Inc. has put a lot of work into this game and it shows. At every stage the developers have been responsive to player feedback and requests and incorporated highly desired features. Raids are yet another fantastic addition alongside the various quality of life and feature improvements. I think this is an impressive first entry and I’m greatly looking forward to what future raids will look like.

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