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Delicious in Dungeon Episode 14 - Sea Serpents and Samurais

Still at the head end of its second cour, Delicious in Dungeon episode 14 gives us less monster cooking and more drama cooking. As the previously doubly wiped-out party (Kabru’s party) is resurrected and charged for the price of a goat, we see something most anime skips. When you’re resurrected, it comes at a cost.

People who actually read light novels can tell you. When truck-kun comes a calling, the law of equivalent exchange kicks in. And while you may think you’re invaluable, you have a price. That’s about a goat, 2 maruchan ramen cups, and, about three fiddy.

Storm Clouds Gathering

Never judge a book by its cover. Unless it has Andrew Tate on it, or there’s an anime character doing that one smile (you know which one). Because by seeing that, you have to realize that nothing good is found in those pages. And as Kabru’s party gets revived, you figure out that something isn’t quite kosher with them. Or rather, something’s off about Kabru himself.

As his party tries to leave the floor they’re currently on, they’re quickly pulled into another fight. Or so it would seem. But what one sees and what’s there are almost always very different things. As Kabru is surrounded by fish men, he realizes they’re not fish men. They’re his friends. He realizes that all fish are our friends. #Donteatfisheatavegan

As Kabru manages to save all his party, they find out that they’re being trapped by a revival crew and quickly manage to beat them. The revival crew tries to bribe Kabru to buy his silence, but Kabru turns against them and quickly dispatches them. Word to the wise about anyone who says there’s a need to have a moral stance against anything and then immediately cancels someone’s life subscription because they’re “bad.” That’s not a good person, that’s a psycho. Remember that. It’s going to get you far in life.

To be even more of a douche, once the revival crew is done with, Kabru throws them into the water. And that’s problematic to their revival. If a large animal like a dragon eats someone, as we’ve seen, it’s difficult but not impossible to revive them once all the parts are there. But anyone who knows even the tiniest thing about the marine environment can tell you that whenever any sizable thing dies, it feeds a whole ecosystem. In fact, in deep water environments where food is scarce, when whales die and sink, it creates something called whale fall. Why is that important you ask? Well, putting together something that’s been eaten by a million aquatic animals is nearly impossible.

Questions Abound

As Delicious in Dungeon episode 14 continues, Kabru’s party scavenges off the revival crew, and we get a deeper insight into how dungeons can be problematic. While they’re still unexplored and profitable, they attract adventurers who keep monsters in check.

But once the more valuable resources have been extracted and the dungeon has been mapped., they’re usually abandoned by adventurers and explorers alike. This leads to the monsters that inhabit it causing havoc on the outside. Kabru wants to stop this and also wants to put an end to dungeons as a whole.

As they share a stolen meal (after just spending a whole episode complaining about people who steal food), they begin to discuss the Delicious in Dungeon party. As they do so, we’re given an insight into the past lives of our beloved party. Proving that no one digs deeper than an obsessed anime dude or pissed-off girlfriend.

As Kabru’s diatribe towards the Delicious in Dungeon party continues. He mentions that Laios displayed some pretty saint-like behavior by giving a substantial part of his earnings to his injured crew. In fact, even after they healed, he kept giving them aid. So, Kabru believes that Laios and his party aren’t the best candidates to inherit the dungeon because “they’re not saints.” Like bro, what?

Ninjas, Samurais and Onis

Despite his bravado earlier on, as Kabru and his party exit the level they’re on, they’re besieged by a sea serpent. Unfortunately, they fare as well as a toddler fighting an MMA fighter high off his mind on meth. But at that moment, a ninja, or possibly a member of ISIS (who knows, they both wear black and blow-up stuff), shows up and tag teams the sea serpent with the help of an oni. And what’s better than an oni and a ninja? A hot horni ninja, I mean a samurai. And to Kabru’s surprise, the samurai is none other than former Delicious in Dungeon party member Toshiro.

As Delicious in Dungeon episode 14 ends, Kabru uses Toshiro’s weakness against him and mentions that he can help them find Falin and bring her home. Little do both of them know that not only will they have to face an unbelievably strong foe to get to her, but also that the only people who know how to get to her are lost in the dungeon.

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