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Delicious in Dungeon Episode 22 - New Encounters

As the show nears season one’s climax, Delicious in Dungeon episode 22 gave us yet another high-paced episode! While Laios and the party come to terms with the fact that Laios is the chosen one and will one day inherit the dungeon, how he (and them) will go about this is still far beyond their understanding.

Dialogue First, Violence Later

The most important thing in dialogue is understanding. To have a meaningful discussion, both parties must be open to what the other is saying. This means that they have to be open to different views. Laios understands the importance of seeing things from a different point of view. Against the Lunatic Magician, they’re outgunned and outclassed. Talking things through may be the only option where they all come out of their current situation alive. But, as they leave the realm they’re trapped in, he’s told by Yaad that his plan is a fool’s errand.

A Bad Week For Griffins

As the Delicious in Dungeon party is again transported to the dungeon, they’re taken into an ancient dwarf reservoir. As Laios and Marcille explore the area trying to find Falin, a new threat appears, a Griffin. And for once, Senshi seems to lose his cool, something that’s lost on the rest of his team.

Senshi is so shaken by the mere mention of a Griffin that he flees when it attacks. This causes the Griffin to focus on him, and he’s quickly captured. Quick outdoorsy advice here, never run away and give your back to a predator. If you show your back to a predator, you’re prompting them to attack.

Senshi’s capture also brings about other dilemmas. For one, the group realizes that they actually know very little about him. Then, there’s the issue of finding him. If they can’t, they can’t resurrect him. But those concerns are moot. Because regardless of how well they know Senshi, he is one of them, and they’ll rescue him. How? By making monsters!

Conjuring Monsters

Evolution is a beautiful thing, as it’s the process of perfection. Through eons, natural traits are added and subtracted from something for them to thrive in their environment, to the point that some animals become so specialized that adding or taking something from them is often detrimental. Laios knows this better than anyone in his party (or so he thinks), and with that knowledge, he crafts a wyvern to fight the Griffin, but it’s taken out.

With that, Marcille realizes that they don’t need anything flashy. They need something simple and powerful. And thus, the mythical Skyfish is born. So little tangent, this show loves cryptozoology, and here we get another cryptid.

Skyfish, also known as air rods, flying rods, and simply rods, are rumored ultra-terrestrial beings. While the scientific view of these is that they’re nothing but motion blur, science never stops a good conspiracy theory, and these things are now believed to be everything from ultra-terrestrials to aliens and UFOs.

Marcille’s idea was right on the money, as with the speed of the Skyfish, she managed to down the Griffin, and Laios slays it. But once the Skyfish has passed, instead of mourning the little bugger, Laios cooks it in an English-styled fish and chips. But, for once, Laios disappointed me. Only heathens eat fish and crips with red dipping sauces. And here I thought he was a kindred soul.

Delicious in Dungeon Episode 22 – Wrap-Up

As Delicious in Dungeon episode 22 comes to an end, Senshi is safe. With that, the gang formally introduces themselves, and we get a glimpse into the life of the party members that we hadn’t yet seen. And, if Senshi is to be believed, he was one of the original discoverers of the dungeon they’re currently in.

How people build relationships is dependent on the individual. But, personally, having the party only now realizing that they knew next to nothing about each other and will still entrust each other with their lives is a beautiful nod to those with a wandering soul. While I can’t say I’ve adventured to the far ends of the world, I long ago realized that just because everything has been mapped, it doesn’t mean everything has been explored. The unknown isn’t across the globe. For most of us, it’s only a few hours from home.

As I explored all those little areas that were nothing more than a name on a map, the bulk of that exploration and memories were done with people I only met a few days prior and had to trust with my well-being. Yet, some of my most cherished moments and hallowed conversations happened with those people. Trust is often believed to be the key to successful relationships, but that’s not entirely true. Shared interests, coinciding goals, and mutual understanding can all lead to solid relationships. Even if most of your story is unknown to the person next to you, a solid relationship can flourish based on any of those three things.

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