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Slay A Griffin With the Help of Marcille's Familiar Plushie

Sometimes, we all need a little help to get through the day. Whether it be an extra hand around the house, someone to cook a meal for you when you’re tired, or help you defeat a griffin when you’re in the lower levels of a dungeon. We’re a social species, and relying on others is an evolutionary trait. And, with the upcoming Delicious in Dungeon x Good Smile Company Marcille’s Familiar Plushie, you can get help with the griffin problem for the low price of $12.99.

That’s the price of what used to be a $5 foot-long. With pre-orders lasting until June 26 and an expected shipping date of 2025’s second quarter, all you have to do to be Griffin safe is stay away from dungeons, the office, or your ex’s house until then.

A marketing genius nod to Delicious in Dungeon episode 22, the 6.3-inch plushie is a must-have if you’re exploring dungeons, hiking volcanoes, or enduring an 8-hour loop of shika noko noko noko koshi tan tan. Unless you’re like Laios, who likes his monsters to be a bit more refined and with just a tad more elegance and svelte, you’re in luck because this cute little plushie is all you need to have a smile on your face.

Now if you’re more into better-looking monsters like Walking Mushrooms, Krakens, or sharks with frigging laser beams, then the Delicious in Dungeon Dryad soup bowl is for you.

Currently airing on Netflix, and fast approaching season 1’s climax, Delicious in Dungeon pays homage to the basics of dungeon exploration (and exploration as a whole). No matter how strong or passionate you are, you can only go as far as your supplies carry you. And when the Delicious in Dungeon party finds themselves having to mount a rescue party, they soon realize they’re out of cash and supplies. So, to deal with this, they’ll have to live off the land, both figuratively and literally.

Source: Good Smile Company
© Ryoko Kui, KADOKAWA/Delicious in Dungeon PARTNERS

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