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Peach Boy Riverside Episode 2: Mikoto Appears, Situation Escalates

Peach Boy Riverside continues with episode 2, and things have already become pretty serious [spoilers from the episode ahead]. Immediately at the start of the episode, we met Kibitsu Mikoto the badass Momotaro (Peach Boy). He found Carrot and made a quick show of his power, and then chose to wait until her power returned before he would kill her. The two decided to chat a bit, and we learned that Mikoto hates Ogres and wants to kill them all, though he does end up sparing her life at the end. While he seems like a precious best boy, he does tend to make a lot of psycho faces when talking about Ogres.

Peach Boy Riverside episode 2 – Mikoto

On the other side, we had the other psychotic Peach Boy Girl Sally, who didn’t spare her opponent. Rather she easily killed him, but then forgot all about it. She then got asked to watch out for the imprisoned Carrot, and we got to see Frau being cute as well. The Ogre now seems to be a tsundere, and it looks like they might get together nicely. They obviously decide to escape, much to Hawtorn’s displeasure.

Peach Boy Riverside Episode 2 – Running Away

However, the relatively easy-going atmosphere ended abruptly at the end. As Hawtorn was getting his horse to chase them, a much stronger Ogre fired his blast, blowing away the entire kingdom. In fact, had they not run away, they would’ve all been killed by it. Hawtorn got the hardest part of it though, as he literally held the only thing that was left besides the 4 of them. The hand from his fellow knight.

Peach Boy Riverside Episode 2 – Hawtorn in disbelief

Now there were 2 characters that were teased, one that seemed human and one what seemed like an Ogre. Neither got an introduction, though the Ogre washeading towards the town at night and is likely the culprit. Either way, it might a hard fight if they meet him at this point without Mikoto, but hopefully we learn who both of these are soon!

Peach Boy Riverside episode 2 is now available on Crunchyroll. The next one’s title is “Sally and a Crossroads”. It will release next Thursday on July 15. In addition, if you are wondering why the anime isn’t following the same order as the manga, you should read the article about that.

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